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LIBRES Research Electronic Journal

Author Guidelines

LIBRES: Guidelines for Authors

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LIBRES is now accepting articles. LIBRES has a number of sections:

1. Research and applications (refereed). Peer-reviewed scholarly articles from multiple sub-disciplines of library and information science research on such topics as analysis, evaluation, applications (reports of progress at libraries), and other research in the library and information service environment.

The journal has an eclectic and growing group of Associate Editors who assist with the refereeing of papers (see:
All contributions to the Research and applications (refereed) section of LIBRES should follow the Author Guidelines

2. Essays and opinions section (non-refereed). Articles for this section can be of a similar nature to those described in the refereed section above, but of a less formal structure. They often take the form of a researched essay. They can focus on the exploration of new interpretations of practice and dissenting opinions.

Mary Beth Weber
Rutgers University Libraries

3. Reviews of print and electronic resources and other discussions (non-refereed). From the September 2010 issue, these will appear on the LIBRES blog facility. Please send any newsworthy items to the Editor-in-Chief, Kerry Smith

The journal maintains a Conference page of upcoming conferences and this is at:
and there are contributions from information gleaned off the Net and other means, in the News and Journals sections.

Articles may be submitted for inclusion in any of the categories. LIBRES does not accept articles that have been published elsewhere.

Articles submitted for the refereed section will be blind reviewed by at least two qualified referees.

LIBRES is presently a bi-annual, peer-reviewed electronic journal with an Editorial Board of library and information science scholars.
LIBRES communicates scholarly thought on library and information science.

Since 1990, LIBRES has published non-refereed articles, reports, and drafts as well as news and discussion of library and information science research, applications, and events. The first regular, quarterly issue which includes the peer- reviewed sections was published on Oct. 15, 1993. When warranted by the volume and flow of scholarship, special and/or supplementary issues on emergent themes will be distributed.

LIBRES will be distributed through an ftp site, and a WWW site. Subscribers will be made aware of the available issue by distribution of a quarterly table of contents to LIBRES, LIBREF-L, and other e-conferences that request the service. LIBRES is indexed by ISA, LISA, Singapore periodicals Index (SPI) and EBSCO and Scopus.



1. Please use the citation format found in the APA (American Psychological Association) Publication Manual

2. LIBRES encourages authors to take advantage of the multi-media capabilities of the WWW. From September 2006, articles published in LIBRES will be in Adobe .pdf format. Previously the native format of LIBRES articles was HTML. Articles should be submitted for review as Word documents to assist editorial feedback.


Submissions are acceptable only by electronic mail. Submissions should be made to the LIBRES editor at:

Submissions will usually be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt. Every effort will be made to execute reviews within 45 days of receipt.


The official language of LIBRES is English.


Deadlines for the submissions of manuscripts for the reviewed section will be two months before the next issue; i.e., the end of January (for the March issue), and the end of July (for the September issue). All manuscripts will be given at least two blind reviews by a jury of referees. Authors will be notified within 45 days of submission of acceptance, revisions, or rejection.

Deadlines for the submission of articles for the three non- reviewed sections will be one month before the next issue; the end of February (for the March issue), and the end of August (for the September issue). Authors will usually be notified within 14 days of submission of acceptance, revisions, or rejection.

Even though an article might be received by the deadlines above, publication in the next issue of LIBRES cannot be guaranteed particularly if the article requires changes after review.


Copyright Declaration
Copyright of articles published by LIBRES: LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE RESEARCH ELECTRONIC JOURNAL is held by the author of a given article. If an article is re-published elsewhere it must include a statement that it was originally published in LIBRES.

The LIBRES Editors reserve the right to permanently maintain open access to all published articles, to maintain permanent archival copies of all submissions and to provide print and/or electronic copies to appropriate services for indexing and microforming.


LIBRES will not accept articles that demonstrate that the material in them has been plagiarised (i.e. the idea/s of others have been used with no attribution regarding the source of the information).  LIBRES will not accept resubmissions or revisions of such rejections. 

Kerry Smith, Editor-in-Chief