LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research
Electronic Journal ISSN 1058-6768
1996 Volume 6 Issue 3; September

MEETING 1 ) 1-2 NOVEMBER 1996 




Partners and Paradigms: Library Research in the  

Information Age 


The first national Library Research Seminar will meet  

at Florida State  University, Tallahassee, Florida,  

Graduate School of Library and Information Studies.  

The conference is  scheduled for November 1-2, 1996.  

Co-sponsors and financial donors, to date, include Beta  

Phi  Mu, Council on Library Resources, Library  

Research Round Table (ALA), and OCLC. 


The major goals of the research seminar are: 


--to facilitate the development of research-based  

knowledge for the library and 




--to encourage interdisciplinary discourse by  

involving researchers from fields 

 outside of library 

and information studies; 


--to promote networking by bringing together  

practicing professionals and 

 researchers interested 

in exploring key issues within the field; and 


--to showcase the work of doctoral students in all  

fields conducting research in 

 subjects related to 

library and information studies; 


--to explore new methodological approaches to  



The linking of researchers and practitioners and the  

elevation of the status and  value of research in the  

library community are principle objectives of the  

seminar series. A  national library research seminar  

should benefit the library community by drawing on  

researchers  and practicing librarians from  

throughout the profession, and will expose them to  

research  leaders from within and outside of the  

library profession. This synergy should encourage a  

more  collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to  

problem definition, maximize use of modern  research  

techniques, and facilitate development of a sound  

body of both theoretical and applied  research. 


The conference format will include keynote addresses,  

individual papers, and  panel presentations. Panels  

will be comprised of four individuals, two library   

educators and two practitioners from any type of  

library, public or private setting. Papers and  panels  

are solicited in the following areas: new  

methodologies and data collection techniques; basic  

and  applied quantitative and qualitative research;  

interdisciplinary connections;  technology-based  

research; research and policy analysis; research and  

strategic directions for libraries;  practitioners and the  

academy; defining linkages and collaborative  

research; education for research;  doctoral student  

research; and the future of library research.  

Preference will be given to  papers/panels dealing  

with methodological issues, interdisciplinary topics,  

and collaborative  research. 


Deadlines: abstracts are due by February 15, 1996,  

and full papers by June 15, 

 1996 to Arthur P. 

Young (address below). Abstracts and papers will be  

screened by a panel of  distinguished researchers and  

practitioners. Selective publication of the papers in  

journal  and proceedings format is under exploration.  

Program brochure and registration materials will be   

available early in 1996. 


The Library Research Seminar Planning Committee  

consists of the following  individuals: 


Martin Dillon, Director, Resources Management  

Division, OCLC; 


Peter Hernon, Graduate School of Library &  

Information Science, Simmons College; 


Carol Kuhlthau, School of Communication, Information,  

& Library Studies, 

 Rutgers, The State 

University of New Jersey; 


Ronald R. Powell, Library and Information Science  

Program, Wayne State 



Donald E. Riggs, Dean, University Libraries, University  

of Michigan; 


Jane Robbins, Dean, School of Library and Information  

Studies, Florida State 



Gloriana St. Clair, Associate Dean and Head,  

Information Access Services, 

 University Libraries, 

The Pennsylvania State University; 



Mary Jo Lynch (ex officio), Director, Office for  

Research and Statistics, 

 American Library 

Association; and 


Arthur P. Young (chair), Director of University  

Libraries, Northern Illinois 



Please address any comments or questions about the  

conference to: 


Arthur P. Young, Director of University Libraries,  

Northern Illinois University, 

DeKalb, IL 

60115-2868; voice--(815)753-9801; fax--(815)753-9803;  




MEETING 2) 11-15 NOVEMBER 1996 



  11 - 15 November 1996

  Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

  Please submit a proposal for a paper or poster by sending an abstract

  of 400 words to:

  The Organizing Committee NIT'96         FAX +27 12 3185485

  Library Services Technikon Pretoria     Tel +27 12 3185240

  Private Bag X 680                       Email



  Republic of South Africa

  or to

  The Chief Conference Organizer NIT 96

  Prof CC Chen

  Graduate School of Library and Information Science

  Simmons College

  300 The Fenway                           FAX +617 521 3192

  Boston MA 02115-5898                     Tel +617 521 2804

  USA                                      Email


       Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 31 May

       Notice of acceptance: 23 June

       Deadline for receipt of papers: 11 October


  We continue to witness fast advances in all areas of new technology

  and  information management. As a result libraries and information

  centers can make available to their users a previously unknown level

  of service, featuring  powerful information access, retrieval

  and delivery capabilities. Developments in telecommunication networks,

  electronic publishing, interactive multimedia technologies, and

  integrated information systems, together with the explosive use of the

  Internet and World Wide Web (WWW), enable librarians and information

  specialists to offer unprecedented capabilities for more effective 

  and efficient information management and services, as well as 

  incredible opportunities for global information access and sharing of 


    Such developments well known in the U.S.A. and other developed

  countries, are not always true for librarians and information

  specialists elsewhere. It has been very difficult for them to keep up

  with the dynamic changes which are affecting their profession.

    Against this background eight Conferences on New Information

  Technology (NIT) have been organized since 1987 in Bangkok, Singapore,

  Guadalajara,  Budapest, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Alexandria (Virginia

  USA) and Latvia. They have brought some of the newest information

  developments, systems, products, equipment, and services currently

  available to the librarians and information professionals in different

  regions of the world. The ninth meeting, NIT '96, will be held in

  Pretoria, Republic of  South Africa. The first international

  conference for library and information workers since the completion of

  the democratisation process in South Africa.  

    Aside from sessions with invited and contributed papers; this

  conference will provide  maximal opportunities for both formal and

  informal discussions and interactions among participants in order to

  force concensus on key problems and issues facing them during this

  exciting but confusing time.


  New Information Technology Related Topics

  % Library networks

  % Education of information technology workers

  % The Use of Internet and World Wide Web

  % Electronic publishing and publishing on the Web

  % Integrated library and information systems

  % Library and information systems and services

  % Database creation, structure and searching

  % Micro-based applications in libraries and information centers

  % Information delivery systems - hypermedia/multimedia, videotex,

    cable, satellite, WWW 

  % Marketing and promotion of information services 

  % Optical technology applications, products & services -

    Video-disc, CD-ROM, CD-  ROM XA,      CDTV, CD-WO,DVI, Photo-CD, WORM,

    erasable, CD-recordable 

  % Networks - national, local area, ISDNs, and global

  % End-users and intermediary aspects

  % Distance education

  % Information technology management

  Information and State

  % Role and function in the democratization process

  % Planning global information infrastructure (GII)

  % Issues leading to development of the national information policy and

  the establishment of national information infra-structure (NII)

  Information - Preservation & Availability

  % Use of new information technologies in preservation

  % Availability of information sources and national values, such as

    library holdings, museum collections, press, archives, etc...

  Information and Individual/Personal/Use

  % Issues related to readiness to receive/use information via use of

    new  information technologies. % The role and functions of libraries

    in the electronic culture.


  NIT '96 will be held in conference room of the Community Library 

  Pretoria.  Pretoria is about 45 km from Johannesburg International 

  Airport.  There is a shuttle-bus from the airport to Pretoria at 

  about US$10. Taxi from the airport to Pretoria is about US$30.

  Chief Conference Organizer & Program Chair:   Ching-chih Chen

  Professor & Associate Dean Graduate School of Library & Inform.

  Science Simmons College Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  Local Organizer:   Mr. Marinus Swanepoel, Director Library

  Services,Technikon Pretoria, Republic of South Africa



  HOTELS                 TELEPHONE      FAX NUMBER      AMOUNT

 Manhatten Hotel B&B     27 12 3227635   27 12 3227635   R244,00 B+B

 Kosmos Guest House      27 12 3410849                   R95,00 B+B+D

 Bryntirion Guest House  27 12 3437092   27 12 3437076   R260,00 B+B

 Kokmo Manor Guest House 27 12 3428092               R170,00 - R220,00 B+B+D

 Ronde Geluk             27 12 3419221   27 12 3419222   R155,00 B+B

 Holiday Inn Garden Court27 12 322 7500  27 12 3229429   R249,00 R24,00B

 Park Lodge              27 12 3208230   27 12 3208230   R140,00 B+B

 Boulevard Hotel         27 12 3264806   27 12 3261366   R276,00 B   R30,00 B

 Pretoria Hotel          27 12 3413473   27 12 442258    R254,00 B + B

 (Best Western Hotel)

 Hotel Pretoria Hof      27 12 3227570   27 12 3229461   R285,00 B + B

 Limited private lodging (including transport to and from the 

 conference venue) is available at US$20 per night

 US$ 1,00 = R3,90


 (Included in Registration fee)

 Monday 11 November:  Official opening and reception

 Tuesday 12 November: Visit to Gold Reef City (going down a gold mine 

 may be on offer during the visit)

 Wednesday 13 November: Opera: Der Fliegende Hollander

 Thursday 14 November: Traditional South African braai (barbecue) 


   Sun City (Lost Palace and Valley of the Waves)

   Kruger National Park

 More details available on request.


 MARINUS SWANEPOEL                           Tel.+27 12 318 5240

 DIRECTOR LIBRARY SERVICE                    FAX +27 12 318 5485 






MEETING 3) 11-14 NOVEMBER 1996

1996 GILS Conference

National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD

November 13 & 14, 1996

Purpose -- The conference is intended to bring together the diverse

communities that have an interest in the Government Information Locator

Service (GILS),

and provide a convenient forum for discussing its strengths, weaknesses, and

future directions.  The conference will highlight various GILS applications,

such as

the U.S. Federal GILS, and the lessons learned in their development and


Intended Audience --  Users of GILS, Intermediaries for GILS, Implementors


GILS Applications (whether state, local, regional, national, or

international), implementors of GILS Software, Information Advocacy

Organizations and

Associations, U.S. Federal government employees representing FOIA,


technology, library, records management, program, or public affairs offices.

Vendors are welcome.

Agenda -- The two-day conference will examine critical issues and provide

varying perspectives on GILS.  Keynote speeches and panel discussions will

provide an overview of GILS status and directions, and technical and

management sessions will provide more in-depth coverage of selected issues.

Demonstration booths will provide examples of GILS applications and tools.

The full

conference agenda is available on the GILS Conference website at  .

Registration -- The conference is free of cost, but bring ideas to share.

Register via the conference website listed above, or call the National

Archives and Records Administration at 301-713-7100, ext. 255 to register by


Advance registration is required.  Detailed logistics and additional

background information are available via the conference website.

Sponsorship -- The 1996 GILS Conference has been organized by a program

committee reporting to the U.S. Federal GILS oversight working group, which

supports the U.S. Federal GILS Board. The National Archives and Records

Administration is graciously providing administrative support and hosting


conference.  The conference website has been provided by the Defense


Information Center.

 -- Please share this announcement with other interested parties --



"Information Forecasts and Grey Literature"



                            November 18, 1996

                          Washington, D.C. USA


                 1. Background and Goals of the Workshop

                 2. Program, Speakers, and Organisations

                 3. General Information about GreyWorks'96




In September 1993, the first U.S. Workshop on Grey Literature was held in

Crystal City, Virginia. In other countries seminars and symposia have also

been organised on this topic. Since 1993, two International Conferences

have dealt with the complexities of this expanding field of information.

The goal of GreyWorks'96, the Second U.S. Workshop on Grey Literature

is threefold:

(1.) To synthesize the (meta)information generated in this field and

     present it in a state-of-the-art review,

(2.) To reverse the premise that "information transfer is a prerequisite to

     knowledge transfer", and use the knowledge that has already been

     generated in this field in order to explore new parameters for grey

     literature, and

(3.) to encounter firsthand, examples of resources, methods, and policies

     that successfully exploit grey literature.




09:00  Arrival and Registration

09:30  Welcome: R.D. Steele, OSS, Inc.


        "Grey Literature in an Internet Worked World"

         B.C. Carroll; J. McDonnell, IIA, Inc.


        "Main Issues, Continued Challenges, and New Directions in this

         Field of Information"

         D.J. Farace, GreyNet


        Medium and Mode of Scientific and Technical Communication

        B. Bartenbach, Engineering Information

        Networked Information and Grey Literature as seen by Publishers

        D.H. Smith, CIS, Inc.

        Emerging Forms of Grey Literature and their Corporate Authors


        Valuable Resources for Public and Private Enterprise

        M.M.K. Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc.

        In the Spirit of Private Enterprise Grey Literature becomes a

        Real Commodity

12:30-13:30  Lunch

        D. Johnson, NTIS

        An Awakening of the Public Sector to the Information Resources

        within its Domain


        Who uses this Information and for What Purposes?

        T.E. Pinelli, NASA Langley Research

        The Results of Research can provide us with reliable User Profiles

        B. Dessy, National Library of Education

        Education and Training for Academicians and Practitioners


        Panel Discussion, Open Forum, and Closing

17:00 Close of the Workshop





GreyWorks'96 - Washington, D.C. USA

November 18, 1996 from 9:00-17:00 hours


Dr. Dominic J. Farace, Director

GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service

Koninginneweg 201, 1075 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: 31-20-671.1818  -  Fax: 31-20-671.1818


Mr. Robert D. Steele, President

OSS, Open Source Solutions, Inc.

11005 Langton Arms Court,

Oakton, VA 22124-1807, USA

Tel: 1-703-242.1700  -  Fax: 1-703-242.1711





MEETING 5)  3 - 5 DECEMBER 1996


The international Online Information conference and exhibition will

take place at Olympia 2 Hall in London, UK, on December 3-5, 1996

with satellite courses and events on December 2 and 6.

It will be the 20th aniversary of this event which is recognized as the

leading one  for the information services industry in Europe.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation established with Learned

Information, the organizer of the event, and David Raitt, the Chairman

of the conference, the ASIS European Chapter will sponsor, as in the

previous years,  one of the technical session on Tuesday, December 3,

4.25pm.  The session entitled _Producers - The need to listen_ will

highlight the needs not being met by producers from the perspective of

practitioners and academics.

The detailed program of Online information 1996 can be found at:

We hope that many European and non-European members of ASIS

will have the opportunity to get together on the occasion.

     Michel Menou


Dr. Michel J. Menou



Mail (H) : 13 rue Nationale, F-49350 Les Rosiers sur Loire, France


*** Computo ergo sum **- 1596- 1996 -** Computo ergo sum   ***

* * Celebration de Rene Descartes  - Celebrating Rene Descartes  * *


Subj:	SEMINAR ANOUNCEMENT - Scientific and technical information on the Internet


The Institute of Information Scientists is organizing another satellite event at

Online Information 96. It aims to give participants state-of-the-art information

on information resources in a number of scientific and technical disciplines or

areas which are available on the Internet.  All the speakers are recognized

authorites in their respective fields.  

The cost is GB pounds 259 including VAT and booking is through the Conference 

Department at Learned Information Europe Ltd., Woodside, Hinksey Hill, Oxford

OX1 5BE, Tel. +44 (0)1865 388000, Fax +44 (0)1865 736354, email: 

The programme and other details are as follows:

        Scientific and technical information resources on the Internet

           Novotel, Hammersmith, London, Friday, 6 December 1996

09:30          Registration

10.00:          Introduction (C.P.R. Dubois (IIS) - Chairman)

10.15:          Chemical information resources

                (not pharmaceutical) Nigel Lees (Royal Soc. Chemistry)

11.00          Coffee

11.15:          Pharmaceutical information resources

                Alain Besson (Barts Medical School)

12.00:          Engineering information resources  

                (civil and mechanical) Annette O'Brien (Ove Arup Partnership)

12.45          Lunch

14.00:          Petroleum and energy information resources  

                Arnold Myers (Heriot Watt University)

14.45:          Metals and metallurgy information resources  

                Sheila Thomas (The Welding Institute)

15.30          Tea

15.45:          Information on industrial and scientific companies - 

                Sheila Webber (University of Strathclyde)

16.30:          Round table discussion

17.00          Close


Pablo Dubois                            Tel: +44 (0)171 580 8591

International Coffee Organization       Fax: +44 (0)171 580 6129

22 Berners Street                 

London W1P 4DD                   Email:

'Suave molecules of Mocha stir up your blood' - Talleyrand



MEETING 6 ) 19-20 DECEMBER 1996 


                      DLM FORUM (ELECTRONIC RECORDS)

                             Co-operation Europe-wide

 19th-20th December 1996

Brussels, Belgium

A multidisciplinary Forum on Electronic Records will be held 19-20 December

1996, at the Borschette Centre in Brussels Belgium.  The Forum is hosted by

the European Union Member States and the European Commission (Secretariat

General, DG XII Science, Research and Development).

Participating specialists and executives are coming from the Member States

and abroad.  Actors involved in the information Flow and Electronic Records

Management of their departments/services/organisations will bring expertise

and debate on Possibilities for wider co-operation  in the framework of the

European Union concerning management storage, conservation and retrieval of

Electronic Records.  The parties mainly concerned are:

 Public administrations


 Industry suppliers


The objective of  the Forum is to Prepare a set of guidelines for best

practice on Electronic

Records and to investigate possibilities for wider co-operation between the

various parties

involved with Electronic Records, between Member States and at Community=


The Forum will consist of plenary sessions and parallel working party

meetings. The main

topics include:


*       Information Flow/Work Flow

*       Lifecycle of Electronic Records

*       Relationship between creators, users and custodians of information

*       Terms and concepts

*       Co-operation Europe-wide

        Working party meetings include three main streams:

STREAM 1: Conception, Creation  and Management of Electronic Records

*       Conception of an Electronic Records Strategy

*       Responsibility and transfer of responsibility

*       Public Administration and Archival Experiences on Electronic Records

*=D7    Appraisal of Electronic Records

=D7*    Co-operation Europe-wide

STREAM 2: Short and Long Term Preservation

Experience of preservation of Electronic Records=20

Definition of needs for long term preservation=20

Cost of preservation and who pays ?

Standards for preservation

Co-operation Europe-wide

STREAM 3: Information Access and Use

*       Experience of usage of Electronic Records (local and remote)

*       Dissemination and Accessibility

*       Awareness (availability of information)

*       Security and openness: Authentication, confidentiality

*       Standards for the dissemination of information

*       Co-operation Europe-wide

Call for papers

The DLM Forum encourages submissions of original papers, and it welcomes

participation of experts in the field of Public Administration, Archives,

Industry and Research.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee of the DLM FORUM consists of representatives of the

European Union Member States and the European Commission.  The Programme

Committee will evaluate the replies to the above mentioned call for papers.

Submission of  Papers

Submissions consist of an extended abstract (600-1200 words, 1-2 pages) in

one of the working languages of the DLM  Forum (see below).  Complete papers

(3000-6000 words, 5-1 0 pages) accompanied by an abstract in the working

languages are also accepted- Submissions should include name(s) of authors

and full address.  Each submission will be examined on the basis of its

clarity, quality and adherence to the general theme of the DLM Forum-

Selected papers will be presented in twenty minutes sessions.

The working languages of the forum will be: English, French and German.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in these three languages.

Date limit for the submission of papers : 25 June 1996

(In camera ready paper format or preferably in electronic format)

Please submit your papers to:

Mrs Christina Beckers

European Commission SG 1-AH (Office : SDME 5/72)

200, rue de la Loi B-1049 Brussels BELGIUM

Tel: +32-2-296 08 27;  +32-2-296 26 47   Fax: +32-2-296 10 95             =


Email:    =20



MEETING 7)  23 - 25 JANUARY 1997

            John F. Kennedy School of Government

        Science, Technology and Public Policy Program


             Center for Business and Government

                     Harvard Law School

          Center for Law and Information Technology

                Council on Library Resources

             Coalition for Networked Information

"Economics of Digital Information and Intellectual Property"

                     Harvard University

                Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

                     January 23-25, 1997

           Announcement and Final Call for Papers

Harvard University is hosting this symposium to broaden and

deepen understanding of emerging economic and business

models for global publishing and information access and the

attendant transformation of international information

markets, institutions, and businesses. By refining and

publishing the work presented at the symposium, our goal is

to provide planners and managers in the public, private, and

nonprofit sectors with a practical framework for developing

program strategies and assessing the efficiency and

competitiveness of new information markets and institutions.

The symposium and book will address:

-- How will pricing be affected by different technological

factors and market environments? What are likely long-term

scenarios for different pricing models?

-- What will be the relationships between classic production

costs, transaction costs, and the economic value of

intellectual property?

-- How will different pricing practices for

telecommunications and Internet services affect the pricing

of information?

-- What will be the effect of bundling or unbundling of

information services? How will opportunities for bundling

and unbundling change?

-- How will changing cost structures and other factors

affect the allocation of rights between authors and

publishers and other intermediaries?

-- How will markets for complementary products and

services, including advertising, affect the pricing and use

of information?

-- What are the policy implications of different pricing

models? How do these reflect policy values associated with

different kinds of information?


The rapid growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web is

transforming the way information is accessed and used in

business, education, and the home. New models for

distributing, sharing, linking, and enhancing information

are appearing, often embodied in software or information


The Internet and the World Wide Web are characterized by

explosion of information along with an explosion of new

tools for navigating information. No change is more dramatic

than the shift to user-initiated retrieval for text-based

information formerly distributed in the form of physical

objects by publisher-initiated manufacturing and delivery.

Although a similar shift may be underway for sound and

video, the considerable differences in delivery and storage

requirements between text, images, sound, and video may

dictate different cost and pricing models.

As production and distribution costs decline, transaction

costs and the value of intellectual property may assume

greater prominence. On the other hand, standardization and

software may reduce transaction costs over the long run.

With barriers to entry reduced by the Web and related

technology, information markets may become extremely

competitive, reducing margins and possibly lowering the

market value of some forms of intellectual property.

Competition for attention intensifies as companies extend

their marketing, sales, and support functions into the

Internet. Especially useful or entertaining information may

have greater value in attracting customer attention in an

increasingly competitive marketplace for information. It has

been argued that information may be valued less as

intellectual property and more in terms of the access it

provides to other markets and the value it adds to

relationships. As a practical matter, copyright may be

overshadowed by the growing use of contracts as a means of

both securing value and defining expectations in continuing


Some proprietary positions in simple distribution chains are

likely to erode as a result of disintermediation and intense

competition. Reduced production costs and pressure to avoid

residual transaction costs may force vendors away from

complex pricing models. For example, usage-based pricing may

give way to subscription pricing. Such dynamics will lead to

new business models and, in small markets where users are

also producers, may lead to new institutional arrangements

for managing life-cycle costs of information.

Similarly, as production costs decrease, the costs of

information may be assimilated by the underlying

infrastructure or assumed by advertisers and other

interests. This trend may be seen in the pricing of online

services and in the massive volunteering of content on the

World Wide Web. This applies to context and other forms of

value, inasmuch as the Web, including client software and

servers, enables editorial and navigation functions

traditionally performed by publishers and libraries to be

performed increasingly by individual authors and users.

Cost analysis in this environment may hinge on

identification and evaluation of critical bottlenecks --

with the understanding that many technological limitations

may be short-lived. Congestion may lead to new methods of

supplementing point-to-point transmissions, such as caching,

mirroring, and satellite broadcast. These new mechanisms

raise intellectual property and interconnection questions

that may addressed as both business and policy issues.

Network congestion and the demand for Internet telephony and

other real-time services may hasten the implementation of

type of service priority at the network level. This in turn

would facilitate marketing of quality at the server and

other levels, especially if vertical bundling proves

successful. If so, vendors may be tempted to package and

price to many dimensions of value. Conversely, simple

pricing models may have surprisingly strong appeal, as they

have had in the analog environment.

Sequential distribution windows for motion pictures

illustrate the potential for simple price differentiation in

a environment with many distribution alternatives, and price

differentiation is now playing an increasingly important

role in the marketing of software and databases. There may

be public policy arguments for price differentiation, not

only for reasons of efficiency but to enable some of level

of access for those who cannot afford it under standard

terms, just as public libraries have offered access for

those who could not afford to buy.


The project emphasizes the sharing of insight among scholars

and practitioners with different skills and backgrounds.

Papers should be written in a clear, non-technical manner

(technical appendices are permitted) for a mixed,

interdisciplinary audience that will include publishers,

librarians, economists, lawyers, and policy- makers.

Prospective authors should submit short abstracts for review

and comment as soon as possible. Extended abstracts or

outlines should be submitted by November 11, 1996, to ensure

consideration for the program. Acceptances of abstracts and

outlines are conditional pending receipt of a satisfactory

draft by January 15, 1996. Papers and supplementary material

will be published as a volume in the Project's series with

the MIT Press. Copyright assignment is not required, and

parallel or subsequent publication of individual papers in

journals is encouraged.

Please send paper proposals and requests for subsequent

announcements to:

Nora O'Neil

Coordinator, Information Infrastructure Project

John F. Kennedy School of Government

79 John F. Kennedy St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

617-496-1389; Fax: 617-495-5776

Program committee:

Erik Brynjolfsson, Stanford/MIT

Brian Kahin, Harvard

Jeffrey Mackie-Mason, Michigan

Paul Evan Peters, CNI

Hal Varian, UC Berkeley

Information Infrastructure Project

John F. Kennedy School of Government

Harvard University

Tel. 617-496-1389; fax 617-495-5776


MEETING 8 ) 27-30 JANUARY 1997 

      Fifth international BOBCATSSS symposium in Budapest

       under the auspices of Council of Europe and EUCLID

                      January 27-30, 1997

               Call for papers and participation

                                    Amsterdam, May   17th, 1996

Dear Mr/Ms,

BOBCATSSS(1) is now organizing the fifth international BOBCATSSS symposium

under the auspices of Council of Europe and EUCLID(2). This will take place

in Budapest at January 27-30, 1997. The location is the National Szechenyi

Library of Budapest. The symposium is intended for information

professionals, librarians, booksellers, publishers, graduate students in

information studies and those who are interested in the subject.

This first letter is a call for papers and participation.

The theme of the 5th symposium is:

                        NEW BOOK ECONOMY

The programme will include the following topics and workshops:

Topic 1. Changing needs and demands:

* changes in information behaviour (customers);

* changes in the market (general, educational, professional and scientific);

* developments in marketing (from spin-off to real structured marketing).

Topic 2. Changing supply of information:

* from print to electronic publishing;

* changes in the intermediating process;

* future preservation and access of information products;

* control of quality of information.

Topic 3. Changing structure of the information sector:

* from traditional patterns to the disappearing of boundaries (opportunities

and threats);

* new roles for publishers, bookshops, libraries;

* the importance of grey literature

* the future roles of subscription agents.

Topic 4. Changes in employment and job opportunities:

* developments within existing organisations of the information branche;

* the rise of new organisations;

* changes in existing positions, the creation of new positions within

publishing firms, bookshops and library organisations;

* in-service training and re-education of employees;

* consequenses for the curricula of library and information education.

Topic 5. The socio-economic impact of new information products and services:

* cultural changes in modern society;

* economic values; price of information: end products/services and

semi-manufactured products;

* issues of legislation (national/international).

These topics will be discussed in plenary sessions and workshops.


BOBCATSSS invites professionals and students to participate in the symposium

and/or workshops. Participants are invited to present papers about every


Contributed papers will be allotted 20-25 minutes, including discussion.

Paper submissions must include the following data:

*     title of presentation;

*     author(s) name including title/degree and position/job;

*     institutional affiliation(s);

*     mailing address;

*     an abstract (150-250 words).

The organisation committee is responsable for the selection of the papers.

The papers of the plenary sessions and workshops will be published in July



The registration fee is 150 Dutch guilders (students Dfl 75,-). This fee

includes the participation in the symposium, the reception, buffet and

publication of the proceedings. A visit to an opera and some excursions on

the fourth day of the symposium, January 30, will be arranged because of the

fifth anniversary of the BOBCATSSS-symposium.

The symposium will be sponsored by BOBCATSSS and other profit and non profit



Please complete the included registration form if you wish to present a

paper about one of the topics mentioned above or if you want to participate.

It is also possible to contact or send a fax to the coordinator of the


     Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics & Information,

     att. dr. Ruud Bruyns,

     Post Box 10895,

     1001 EW Amsterdam

     The Netherlands.

     tel. +31-(0)20-5552361;

     fax  +31-(0)20-5552315



 (1) BOBCATSSS is a corporation of a number of European educational

institutes in the field of Library and/or Information sciences.

The members are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Kharkiv,

Moscow, Oslo, Sheffield, Sofia, Stuttgart, Szombathely, Tallinn and Tampere.

(2) EUCLID stands for European Association for Library and Information

Education and Research.


MEETING  9)  24 - 26th MARCH 1997  

>The 2nd British-Nordic Conference on Library and Information Studies



>LIS Research and Professional Practice

>Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh

>March 24th - 26th 1997


>Conference Theme

>The British-Nordic Conferences aim to provide a forum for researchers and 

>educators in Library and Information Studies from Scandinavian countries and 

>the United Kingdom to exchange ideas and explore developments in LIS 

>education. Following the successful lst British-Nordic Conference held at the 

>Royal Library School in Copenhagen in 1995, the British Association for 

>Information and Library Research and Education is organising the 2nd 

>Conference and invites submissions to explore the theme of LIS Research and 

>Professional Practice. The conference is aimed at both academics and 

>practitioners involved in LIS research.


>In recent years we have experienced a surge in research activities in the 

>Library and Information world. This has been due partly to European and 

>national research initiatives, such as the DGXII Libraries Programme and 

>the Follett Implementation Group for Information Technology ELib 

>Programme in the UK, and partly because of the need to establish our 

>credentials as an academic discipline in the higher education sector. These 

>research programmes appear to have been designed not only to address 

>technological issues but also to meet the needs of the information 

>profession and have involved researchers as well as practitioners. It could be 

>argued that more basic areas of research in LIS could also be pertinent 

>to information practitioners. In the wake of the third Research Assessment 

>Exercise in British Universities, it would seem appropriate to take the 

>opportunity to examine the research agenda and activities in Library and 

>Information Studies. 


>Call for contributions

>Analytical papers are invited which not only report on research in the 

>field of Library and Information Studies but which also serve to illustrate 

>and focus on the relevance of that research to applications and professional 

>practice. Contributions need not be limited to  specific projects but may be 

>state of the art reviews or cover the work of specific research groups. 

>Papers on collaborative projects involving both researchers and practitioners 

>would be particularly relevant. Examples of possible research areas and 

>related topics include but are not limited to:


>Technological Applications			

>	Information retrieval techniques				

>	Business information applications   			

>	Technologies for preservation and conservation		

>	Public access information					



>Teaching and Learning in a Networked Environment: 

>	Domain-dependent materials				 

>	Evaluation of programmes and initiatives			

>	Impact on information services				



>Electronic Libraries:

>	User interfaces

>	Electronic Publishing

>	Indexing/cataloguing/filtering

>	Public libraries 


>Profession and Professionals:

>	Role of information professionals

>	Labour markets and qualifications

>	Management issues

>	Change and the profession

>	Continuing professional development



>Instructions for contributors


>Contributors should submit a full paper to the Conference Chair which if 

>accepted will be published in the proceedings of the conference. 

>Submissions of extended outlines of at least one page may be acceptable, 

>provided a full version will be made available before the final programme 

>is confirmed. 






>Nov 30th1996:		Submission of full paper to Conference Chair

>Jan 6th 1997:		Notification of acceptance

>Feb 3rd 1997:		Final manuscripts in camera ready copy and 

>			electronic form


>Programme and Organising Committee:


>Micheline Beaulieu, City University London

>Niels Ole Pors, Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen, Denmark

>Liz Davenport, Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh

>Tom Wilson, Sheffield University

>Joan Day, Northumbria University, Newcastle

>Mirja Iivonen, University of Oulu, Finland

>Staffan Loof, Boras, Sweden




>2nd British-Nordic Conference on Library and Information Studies

>LIS Research and Professional Practice

>Edinburgh, March 24th - 26th 1997




>First Name




>Postal Code








>I intend to participate in the conference and would like to receive a 

>final programme: _____


>I intend to submit a paper on the following topic:




>Please send this reply electronically to:

>or fax: +44 (0)171 4778584

>or post to: Professor Micheline Beaulieu

>	    British-Nordic LIS Conference	

>	    Department of Information Science

>	    City University

>	    Northampton Square

>            London EC1V OHB    

>	    UK


MEETING 10)  13 - 16 APRIL 1997

Subject: CAUSE in Australasia,97



>This is the second call for papers and expression of interest to attend

>for this conference. 


>The conference is run every two years and is focussed on the use of all

>aspects of Information Technology for Tertiary Education administration

>and programme delivery. We have had good response so far however a few

>more papers would be useful at this stage.i


>Could you please distribute this notice to members of your Institute.


>The WWW URL is


>Graeme Knox, Cause in Australasia 97 Committee





>The organising committee invites everyone involved in the higher education

>industry to the CAUSE in Australasia '97 Conference in Melbourne, Australia on

>13 - 16 April 1997.  The Conference is authorised and supported by CAUSE, the

>association  for managing and using  information resources in higher

>education.  The conference is also supported by CAUDIT (Committee of

>Australian University Directors of Information Technology) and CAUL (Council

>of Australian University Librarians).


>The theme for 1997 is Information Technology - The Enabler, with an emphasis

>on information technology applications and developments as they apply to

>tertiary education.  CAUSE in Australasia '97 will provide an opportunity for

>academics, administrators, IT professionals, and librarians to interact and

>discuss the effective management of information technology and its role in the

>delivery and management of tertiary education as we move into the 21st

>century.  It will also enable participants to exchange information about the

>latest applications in IT networking, which will enhance the teaching and

>research programmes as well as the administration of tertiary education

>institutions.  The main streams in CAUSE in Australasia '97 will be:


>A.	Electronic Publishing:  Electronic publishing models; Charging models; 

>Intellectual property issues;  Preservation;  Management, Archiving and 

>Preservation issues;  Design for useability.


>B.	Remote Delivery of Educational Programs:  Philosophical issues;  	Training 

>issues;  Economic issues; Competition and collaboration.


>C.	Supporting Technologies:  The Internet;  Intranets; Multimedia; CAL, CAI, 

>computer mediated instruction; Broadcast technologies, TV, radio; Interactive 

>voice response systems; Video conferencing, desktop videoconferencing; Audio 

>on demand; Video on demand; Interactive TV lecture theatres; Telecottages; 

>Client Server; Data Warehouse; Security.


>D.	Management issues:   Outsourcing; Electronic delivery of information,

>digital 	libraries; Support and training issues; Customer Services, Help Desk;

>	Benchmarking; Information Resources; IT and the law.



>Persons interested in presenting a paper should complete the Registration of

>Interest form attached, together with an abstract of no more than 200 words

>and return these to the Conference Programme Committee by August 30 1996. 


> If you are interested in attending this conference in 1997 in Melbourne and

>would like to be on our mailing list for further information please complete

>the Registration of Interest form and return as indicated.



>	Graeme Knox

>	CAUSE in Australasia '97 Programme Committee

>	Director, Strategic Information Technology

>	Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

>	124 LaTrobe Street

>	Melbourne   Vic.  3000, AUSTRALIA

>	Tel: + 61 3  9660 1790

>	Fax: + 61 3  9663 5652

>	Email:









>Mr/Ms/Dr/_____ Surname:___________________________________


>First/Given Name:__________________________________________


>Position :_________________________________________________




>Address Line 1:_____________________________________________


>Address Line 2:_____________________________________________


>Address Line 3:_____________________________________________






>E-mail Address:____________________________________________



>Please put an [X] against one or more of the following:


>[  ]	I will be attending the conference


>[  ]	I would like to present a paper.  An abstract is attached.


>[  ]	I am interested in attending, please send me further information 	when



>[  ]	I am interested in holding a workshop on Sunday 13 April.  Please

>	provide details.	






> 13 - 16 APRIL 1997





>URL -


MEETING 11)  14 - 16 APRIL 1997

          ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing


                         CALL FOR PAPERS

           Venue: University of Kent at Canterbury, UK

                     Date: 14 - 16 April 1997

Audience: Academics, publishers and commercial organisations

Requirements:  We are looking for papers, which will

be given 30-35 minutes for presentation (plus 10 minutes

discussion), on the themes specified below. We are also

considering holding a poster session for appropriate papers. Both

types of contribution will be assessed by a review panel prior to

acceptance, and both will subsequently be eligible for

publication in the conference proceedings. Assessment of

eligibility will be made on the basis

of submitted abstracts.

Conference: Two themes will run in parallel throughout most

of the conference.

They are:

Technical theme, including but not limited to: New technology for

handling electronic publication; Relevant developments in

networking; Standardisation requirements; Interface developments.

Socio-economic theme, including but not limited to: Changing

roles of publishers, subscription agents, libraries and others

involved in the information dissemination process; Author/reader

requirements; Subject differences; Economic/financial questions.

Abstract: Submitted abstracts should consist of about 500

words. They should, in addition, include title, author's name,

institutional affiliation, contact information, and which of the

above topics is being addressed by the paper. Abstracts can be

submitted by mail, electronic mail or fax to the address below.

Both theoretical and practical papers are requested - practical

papers based on experience are especially encouraged.

Conference fees will be waived for the authors of accepted


The closing date for submitting abstracts is 1 November 1996.

For further information on the submission of papers,or to discuss

a possible topic not covered above,  please e-mail:

Otherwise you may telephone, fax, or write to:

Fytton Rowland

Department of Information and Library Studies,

Loughborough University,

Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3TU, UK

Phone +44 (0)1509 223039

Fax   +44 (0)1509 223053

Further information about the conference (including a 'registration of

interest form' for prospective speakers or delegates) can be found on the

World Wide Web at:


MEETING 12)   21-23 APRIL 1997 

First announcement and call for papers:


Organized jointly by the IFLA Office for International Lending and The

Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana.

Date:  21 - 23 April 1997

Venue:  Building TR3, Central Technological Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Conference Coordinators: Graham Cornish (IFLA), Monika Klasnja (Slovenia).

Cost:  250 US Dollars.

For more information, please contact

The IFLA Office for International Lending,

c/o The British Library,

Boston Spa, Wetherby

West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ

United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 1937 546255

Fax: +44 1937 546478


Further details will be posted on this list as they become available.


MEETING 13)  6 - 8 MAY 1997

ELVIRA 4 : The 4th UK Digital Libraries Conference

     (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research)

               Milton Keynes, 6-8 May 1997



The ELVIRA series of electronic library conferences has reached its

4th year. It is now well established as a key European forum for

developments and research in the rapidly expanding field of

electronic resources. This year's conference promises to build on

the solid foundations already established. It will also be the most

exciting yet, with the addition of parallel sessions, specialist

workshops, a full social programme and other exciting features.

The conference is hosted by De Montfort University's International

Institute for Electronic Library Research, and will again be set in

the attractive green parkland of Britain's newest city, Milton

Keynes. Details of the venue and accommodation, and extensive local

information, will be made available nearer the conference date.

This year the conference aims to provide a varied and flexible

programme, to allow different specialist areas to present their work

in the way their practitioners find most appropriate. Proposals are

currently sought for workshops, panel discussions, exhibits and

presentation sessions on specific areas, as well as abstracts of

traditional papers. Paper abstracts and poster submissions will be

peer-reviewed; acceptance of other types of submission will be

contingent on available time and relevance to the conference themes.

Based on feedback from previous conferences, and on current trends in

the field, topics which are particularly sought for this year's

conference include:

Content of digital resources

Social and psychological issues, and related research studies

Management issues


User interface and general system design

Economic aspects and copyright

Storage and retrieval of images and other non-text materials

However, any submissions related to electronic library developments

and research will also be very welcome.



5 pm (UK time) on FRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER 1996.



Extended 1000-word abstracts should be submitted to the address

below (electronically if possible), to arrive by the above closing

date. Authors will be notified of acceptance by the end of January

1997, and will be required to produce fuller papers (approx. 3000

words) by Friday 14th March. These will be made available at the

conference; the extended abstracts will be made available online.

Selected authors may be invited to revise and extend their papers

after the conference, for publication in a journal special issue or

hard-copy book.



Researchers and practitioners in academia and industry are invited

to submit proposals for themed sessions in any format. Where a

special-interest group or well-defined community already exists in a

topic, they may wish to organise sessions involving a set of related

presentations, or to hold panel discussions or workshops. Proposals

for whole sessions of these types should be submitted to the address

below (electronically if possible). For workshops or panel

discussions, a 1000-word description is required. For sessions

consisting of a set of presentations, a 500-word description of the

session should be submitted, accompanied by a 500-word abstract of

each intended presentation. All submissions must arrive by the above

closing date. Proposers will be notified of acceptance by mid-January

1997. Abstracts and descriptions will be made available online, and

it will be the responsibility of session organisers to supply updated

information if session plans alter.



Poster displays of research in progress are invited for any work

where a full paper may not be deemed appropriate. In addition,

demonstrations and exhibits are invited both from industry and from

academic institutions (commercial exhibitors will be charged for

exhibition space and use of facilities). For academic proposers in

either category, 500-word abstracts or descriptions of the proposed

item must be submitted to the address below (electronically if

possible), to arrive by the above closing date. These will be

peer-reviewed as for papers, and authors will be notified of

acceptance by the end of January. Abstracts will be made available

online. Commercial exhibitors and demonstrators should contact the

conference organisers directly at the address below.



All proposers in any of the above categories must provide affiliation

details of all named authors or participants, and full contact

details (including e-mail addresses where possible) of the main

person for contact. In addition, all proposers in any category must

specify their probable requirements for presentation facilities such

as Internet connections, overhead projection (with or without direct

connection to a computer), slide projection, space, exhibition boards

and any other specific needs. All proposers will be expected to

provide their own computing equipment and exhibit materials where

relevant; any proposers for whom this will be difficult should make

this clear in their submission.

It will speed the organisation and review processes considerably if

submissions are sent electronically, rather than on paper or

diskette. This can be done by e-mail to the address below, or via

the World-Wide Web submission form (URL below).

If diskette submissions are absolutely necessary, the diskette must

be clearly marked with the submission category, the name of the main

contact person, and the title. Diskettes should also be accompanied

by a letter specifying their contents and format; PC and Macintosh

diskettes will both be acceptable, but files must be in Microsoft

Word, RTF, HTML or ASCII formats.

If paper submissions are absolutely necessary, 5 copies of the

submission must be sent. Typing should be clear, at least 12-point in

size, and double-spaced. Submissions will not be accepted by fax.



E-mail to:

World-Wide Web site:

Air or surface mail:

ELVIRA 4 Organising Committee

International Institute for Electronic Library Research

De Montfort University

Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill

Milton Keynes  MK7 6HP


ELVIRA3 programme and abstracts can still be accessed online at:


MEETING 14)    7 - 9 MAY 1997

*********** Australian WWW Technical Conference ***********

              Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

                      7 - 9  May 1997


*********** Australian WWW Technical Conference ***********

        C A L L   F O R    P A R T I C I P A T I O N

The Australian WWW Technical Conference (AW3TC) provides a forum

for technical discussion among researchers, developers and users

of the World-Wide Web. AW3TC focuses on technical research in the 

Web, development of advanced Web technologies, and their advanced 

applications. The theme of AW3TC ...Advanced Web Technologies &

Industrial Applications... is aimed at taking advantage of the 

wide ranging Web research agenda within Australia and provides an 

opportunity for collaboration, information sharing, and exchange of 


                   Call for Participation

Contributions are invited as papers, panel sessions, tutorials, and 

industrial sessions. Full details are on the AW3TC home page:


All submissions should be emailed to 

For more information, please contact the organising committee at or phone 07 3365 4310 fax 07 3365 4311.

*********** Australian WWW Technical Conference ***********


**** Sponsors: DSTC Pty Ltd, Research Data Network CRC ****


MEETING 15)  12 - 15 MAY 1997

        "8th Joint European Networking Conference" (JENC8)

                Edinburgh, Scotland, 12-15 May 1997

"Diversity and Integration: The New European Networking Landscape"

The JENC8 "CALL FOR PAPERS" and general conference information

is now available via the Web. Please visit the JENC8 conference

Web site for further information at:

For general enquiries please send a message to 

or contact

TERENA Secretariat

Singel 466-468

NL - 1017 AW Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 639 1131

Fax: +31 20 639 3289



MEETING 16)  13 - 15 MAY 1997


C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

Martha E. Williams

NOM Program Chair


The National Online Meeting will be held the New York Hilton.

The National Online Meeting is a three-day event (May 13-15,

1997). The conference includes technical papers, product

reviews and exhibits (the exhibit program runs the full three

days). The 1996 meeting drew an audience of approximately 7,500

participants and included an exhibit of over 160 of the leading

organizations in the fields of online databases and library


Abstracts of papers are solicited on all aspects of electronic

information -- databases, electronic publishing, the Internet,

CDROM, online access, etc. Papers should present the findings

of test studies, research projects, design and developmental

activities, analyses, projections, and progress reports. Papers

should not be commercial in nature. Topics listed here are

illustrative but not exclusive:

* Intellectual Property

* Browsers, Filters, and Indexes for Online, Web, and CDROM


* Voice Recognition and Synthesis

* Marketing and Other Business on the Internet

* CD-ROM vs. Online

* GIS for Information Retrieval

* Enhancing Information Retrieval

* Market Research and Product Design

* Multimedia and Image Databases

* Workstations for Research and Daily Work

* Integration/Connectivity and the Seamless Interface

* The International Information Scene

* Electronic Publishing on the Net

* Education and Training

* Interfaces and Front Ends for End Users

* Internet/FreeNets vs. Commercial Nets

For more detailed information or if you would like to submit

 a paper, please direct your WWW browser to:

Use the online form to send the requested information by e-mail to the

Program Chair before October 31, 1996. Give brief details of

your proposed paper, including title and abstract (250 words)

and three or four sentences of biographical information that

relates you to the topic. All abstracts will be reviewed by the

Organizing/Reviewing Committees and notification regarding

acceptance/rejection will be made in the fall. Accepted papers

will be published in the proceedings of the meeting. Completed

typescripts of papers will be required by January 30, 1997.

If you do not have access to the World-Wide-Web and would like

to submit a proposal, please contact:

  Martha E. Williams

  NOM Program Chair

  Coordinated Science


  1308 West Main

  Urbana, IL 61801

  Telephone: (217) 333-1074 or

       (217) 333-8462

  Fax: (217) 762-3956


For general meeting information contact:

        National Online


        Information Today, Inc.

        143 Old Marlton Pike

        Medford, NJ 08055

        Telephone: (609)


        Fax: (609) 654-4309


MEETING 17)  3 - 5 JUNE 1997

IDT 97


3, 4, 5 June 1997

Paris - Palais des Congrès

14th Conference




Organised by :



With a variety of new services and information vehicles emerging on a daily

basis, it becomes obvious that all human activities, whether occupational,

civic or educational, are involved in the new information society.

Information source recognition and quality of content should be adjusted to

subdivided and

relocated production. The synergy and consistent use of information sources

should meet users' specific needs by changing providers' specific


Last but not least, electronic networks (Internet) are the core theme of

discussions about access to business information, development of public

information services, and integration of such services into the economic


The aim of IDT 97 is to determine the strategic stake in the emergence of

these new services at European and global level, and their degree of

integration (economic intelligence) by the various user groups.

1 - The information society for businesses and citizens

        - Intranet and Internet

        - Access to outside sources and local management

        - User identification and personal freedom

2 - Contents of information about the information superhighway

        - Information identification and qualification

        - Image processing

        - User- and provider-adjusted pricing

3 - Social dynamics and corporate economic choices

        - Economic intelligence

        - Information technologies for education and training

        - Managing the intangible

4 - Public-information distribution media

        - Complementary and competing operators

        - Legal requirements versus diversity of situations

        - Service costs and pricing

5 - Functions and demands of information professionals

        - Initial and continuing training

        - Services for end users; processing by experts

        - Selection of products and services

6 - European programmes and international industrial projects

        - Restructuring the information market

        - Aims of European content and multimedia programmes

        - The roles of new operators

7 - Legal issues

        - Copyright and Internet

        - The EU Directive relating to legal protection of databanks

        - Access to public sources: towards a European Directive




25, rue Claude Tillier - 75012 Paris

Tél. : 33 (1) 43 72 36 63 - Fax : 33 (1) 43 72 36 62

E-mail :


MEETING 18)  7 - 15 JUNE 1997


(Second Announcement and Call for Papers will

 be distributed in October)


"Libraries and Associations in the Transient World:

New Technologies and New Forms of Cooperation"

Foros village, Yalta, Republic of Crimea, Ukraine

Foros Health Resort

June 7-15, 1997 (Professional Program - June 9-13)

Permanent Organizers of the Conference:

 - Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

 - Ministry of Culture of Russia

 - Ministry of Culture of Crimea

 - M.I. Rudomino Russian State Library for Foreign Literature

 - International Association of CDS/ISIS and NIT Developers and

   Users (ISIS-NIT)

The permanent Organizers of the Conference invite the participation 

of other organizers and sponsors.

Three previous "Crimea" Conferences have contributed to the solution 

of important intergovernmental problems of information exchange. They

have promoted the establishment of new and the strengthening of existing 

cultural and scientific contacts, and have furthered the advancement of

Russia and other countries in the global information environment.

               A citation from a welcome by Boris Yeltsin,

               President of the Russian Federation, addressed 

               to the participants in the "Crimea 96" Conference


 The "Crimea 94" and "Crimea 95" Conferences  took place in Eupatory, 

 and the "Crimea 96" Conference was held in Foros, Republic of Crimea. 

 Each demonstrated the growing interest of library and information 

 specialists in this international forum.

Attendance and Scope:

           Participants  Countries  Papers  Sections,   Exhibitors



"Crimea 94"     230         15       100      6              15

"Crimea 95"     637         30       250     20              21

"Crimea 96"     665         30       304     39              21

The Fourth International Conference will again be held in Foros. 

Foros is a picturesque locale in the very southern part of the

Crimean Peninsula, a narrow belt of subtropical park between the

Black Sea and the Crimean mountain ridge; a favourite place of

rest and professional contact for many people. During the

Conference the Foros Health Resort will accommodate only the

participants in the Conference.

The following topics for presentations and discussions are envisaged:

 - Worldwide Information Infrastructure and Interlibrary Cooperation.

 - Acquisition and Preservation of Library Collections.

 - Automated Technologies, Databases and CD-ROM

 - Interlending and Document Delivery (co-organized by IFLA UAP

   Core Program).

 - Business Information and Information Management.

 - IMARC, UNIMARC Format in Library Developments and Practice

 - Dissemination and Utilization of Medical, Pharmaceutical and

   Environmental Protection Information.

 - Electronic Publications

 - New CDS/ISIS Developments and Applications

 - Internet Resources and Services

 - Linguistic Support of Information Retrieval Systems.

 - Regional and Children's Libraries

 - Classification Systems: Application in Manual and Automated Modes.

 - User Education in Libraries

 - Library Education

The list of sections, round tables, workshops and additional

events will be continuously updated and will be finalized in 

December, 1996.


Simultaneous interpretation will be provided at the Conference.

The Vendor Exhibits will be opened during the Conference to present

information products, services, automated systems, software

packages, CD-ROM products, books and journals.

We are very interested in getting your preliminary indication of  

interest in order to work out the program and finalize the list of 

events within the framework of the Conference.

Please complete the participant response form and return it to the

Organizing Committee.

The participant Registration Form and Call for Papers will be

forwarded to you immediately upon the receipt of your completed

response form.

Please note that the number of the Conference participants will be 


Please return the completed response form no later than November

1, 1996.


                    Participant Response Form

Please type or print clearly, without abbreviations. Please

indicate in full your institution and job title.

Full name_________________________________________________________




Job Title_________________________________________________________



ZIP Code/Country/City_____________________________________________




I intend to give a talk, lecture, demonstration (topic)___________



The Organizing Committee:

   Fax:    007-095-921-98-62

   Telex:  411180 bgpnt su


   Tel:    007-095-924-94-58, 007-095-923-99-98, 007-095-928-73-79

   Mailing address:  12 Kuznetsky Most, 103919 Moscow, Russia


The Organizing Committee


MEETING 19)  16 - 18 JUNE 1997



Monday-Wednesday 16-18 June 1997

 University College London

The themes that the conference will explore include

· The role of classification in the management of information

· Classification research for retrieval of information published electronically

· Automatic methods of classification

· The researcher and the real world

· Tools for classification and classification as a tool

· Data modelling

Papers addressing knowledge organization within any of the frameworks 

outlined above are invited. Abstracts (c. 500 words) should reach the 

chairman of the Conference Committee not later than 1 October 1996. 

Proceedings will be published.


MEETING 20)  6 - 11 JULY 1997


Bridging the Gap


This message has been cross-posted to several lists.  Please forgive the


The International Association of School Librarianship and the Association

for Teacher-Librarianship in Canada are joint sponsors of Conference '97

"Bridging the Gap" to be held July 6-11, 1997 at the University of

British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  The conference will feature a

stimulating educational program that includes the First International Forum

on Research in Teacher-Librarianship.  The conference Proceedings will be

published by Hi Willow Research and Publishing in time for delegates to

receive a copy at registration.

The Program Committee is seeking proposals for presentations that relate

to the conference theme--Information Rich but Knowledge Poor? Emerging

Issues for Schools and Libraries Worldwide.  Proposals for original

research papers, commentaries on professional practice (professioal

papaers), panel discussions, and hands-on, activity-based, or

demonstration workshops are welcome and will be acceptd on the standard

forms until October 31, 1996.  To indicate your intention to submit a

proposal and to request a proposal form and additional information,

please contact the conference coordinator.

Prof. Lynne Lighthall

School of Library, Archival and Information Studies

The University of British Columbia

Mailing Address: 4093 West 14th Ave., Vancouver, BC  V6R 2X3

P: 604-822-2704

F: 604-822-6006

E: or

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MEETING 21)  23 - 26 JULY 1997

       ...........  ACM Digital Libraries '97 ..........

     ............... CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ...............


                        Philadelphia, Pa

                       July 23 - 26, 1997



ACM Digital Libraries is an international conference which is

building a community of individuals from diverse fields to study

research and development in digital libraries.  The collection,

access and use of electronic information in a variety of formats

requires solutions to problems ranging from the technical to the

social, incorporating knowledge and experience from many fields.

Individuals with an interest in library and information science,

digital information technology, education, information policy and

economics, information behavior and other fields contributing to

digital library development are invited to participate.

ACM DL '97 will immediately precede ACM SIGIR '97 in

Philadelphia. The ACM DL series is sponsored by ACM, through


                In Cooperation With ACM DL  97:

        ASIS (American Society for Information Science)

           CNI (Coalition for Networked Information)

                 D-Lib (Digital Library Forum)

              NAL (National Agricultural Library)

               NLM (National Library of Medicine)

              SLA (Special Libraries Association)


     Edie Rasmussen                Robert B. Allen

     University of Pittsburgh      Bellcore

     (        (

........................... TOPICS ..............................

We welcome technical papers, posters, demonstrations, videos,

as well as proposals for panels, workshops and tutorials.

Research is welcome on any aspect of Digital Libraries including

but not limited to the following:

.. economic and social implications

.. education, learning, and collaboration

.. electronic journals, textbooks, and catalogs

.. evaluation methods and user testing

.. hypertext and hypermedia

.. image, graphical, GIS, and multimedia information

.. indexing and classification

.. information storage and retrieval

.. intellectual property rights

.. metadata and knowledge representation

.. online museums, galleries, and studios

.. scanning and digital preservation

.. world-wide web

.. user interfaces, visualization, browsing, and searching

.. user behavior and information needs analysis

..............BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTRIBUTORS...............


January 14, 1997:   Submissions due to appropriate Chair

March 4, 1997:      Notification of Acceptance

April 28, 1997:     Revised papers due to Program Chair


Technical Papers & Panel Proposals:

                    Robert B. Allen, Bellcore


Posters:            P. Bryan Heidorn, University of Illinois


Videos/Demos:       David S. Dubin, University of Illinois


Tutorials:          Raya Fidel, University of Washington


Workshops:          David Levy, Xerox




                    OR MAY BE REQUESTED FROM


 ..............ACM DL '97 STEERING COMMITTEE..................

               Edward Fox (Chair), Virginia Tech

                   Robert B. Allen, Bellcore

                       William Arms, CNRI

              Nicholas Belkin, Rutgers University

              Richard Furuta, Texas A&M University

            Gary Marchionini, University of Maryland

            Edie Rasmussen, University of Pittsburgh

   ............... ACM DL '97 PROGRAM COMMITTEE...............

Maristella Agosti, U. Padua

Al Aho,Columbia U.

Robert B. Allen (Chair), Bellcore

William Arms, CNRI

Helen Atkins, ISI

Marcia Bates, UCLA

Ann Bishop, U. Illinois

Michael Buckland, UC Berkeley

Mic Bowman, Transarc

Joseph Busch, Getty AHIP

Hsinchun Chen, U. Arizona

Ana Maria Correia, INETI (Portugal)

Philip Doty, U. Texas

Tim Finin, U. Maryland Baltimore County

Edward Fox, Virginia Tech

Chuck Friedman, U. Pittsburgh

Richard Furuta, Texas A&M

Susan Hockey, Rutgers/Princeton

Donna Harman, NIST

Judith Klavans, Columbia U.

Rob Kling, Indiana U.

John Leggett, Texas A&M

David Levy, Xerox

Chung-Sheng Li, IBM

Ee-Peng Lim, NTU (Singapore)

Gary Marchionini, U. Maryland

Catherine Marshall, Xerox

Gary McCone, NAL

Thierry Pun, U. Geneva

Lawrence A. Rowe, UC Berkeley

David Seaman, U. Virginia

Pamela Samuelson, UC Berkeley

Sugimoto Shigeo, U. Lib. Inf. Sci.(Japan)

Terence R. Smith, UC Santa Barbara

Scott Stevens,Carnegie Mellon U.

Frank Tompa, U. Waterloo

Thomas D. Wilson, U. Sheffield (UK)

Terry Winograd, Stanford U.

Ian H. Witten, U. Waikato (New Zealand)

................... ACM DIGITAL LIBRARIES  97 ...................



          Subject : Theme for FID-98 Conference

The  49th FID Conference and Congress is scheduled to be held  at 

New Delhi during October 1998.

Suggestions are invited regarding Conference theme. We propose to 

hold  an  electronic  discussion on this  through  FID  Listserve 

Forum.  Please post your suggestions in the Forum.   

The  theme  of 48th FID Conference to be held  at  Graz,  Austria 

during  October  1996  is `Globalization  of  Information  :  The 

Networking Information Society'.

The topic for 47th FID Congress (1994) held at Japan was "Finding 

New Values and Uses of Information".

Looking forward to an exciting round of discussions on the  theme 

for FID-98 Conference.



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