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March, 2000

Volume 10, Issue 1


Research and Applications Section

Changes through IT in public libraries:
advantages of carrying out research via a training course.

Margaret Kendall, Senior Lecturer
Dept of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University
Juliet Eve, Research Fellow
Dept of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Editorial note:

This section contains items culled from various Internet news services, discussion lists and other announcements. Unless specifically noted, I have not visited the sites, used any of the software, reviewed the literature, or written the news items. I present this digest to you in good faith but cannot vouch for the accuracy of its content.

Kerry Smith

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News and Announcements Section

Editorial note:

This section contains items culled from various Internet news services, discussion lists and other announcements. Unless specifically noted, I have not visited the sites, used any of the software, reviewed the literature, or written the news items. I present this digest to you in good faith but cannot vouch for the accuracy of its content.

Kerry Smith



GL-Compendium, A Netbased Directory of Grey Literature Collections



Information Materials in Spanish
Information Technology in Public Libraries 
Public Libraries and Lifelong Learning
Translations of the Guidelines for Services to Deaf People 
Guidelines for Library Services to Dyslexic Persons 
The School Library-Principal Relationship: Guidelines for Research and Practice 
Revision of the Resource Book for Interlending 
Multicultural Service to Children and Young Adults 
Telling Mobile Libraries' Stories 
Effective Bibliographic Services 
IT Training Needs Assessment in Developing Countries 
GUI Icon Standards Phase IV 
The Status of Copyright and Legal Deposit regarding AVM in Spanish-speaking Countries. 
Developing Librarians as Managers 
Education and Research for Marketing and Quality Management in Libraries 
Library Programmes for Promotion of Literacy 
Study of LIS Journals 
Baseline Data for the Development of Libraries, Librarianship and Information Services in the Asia/Oceania Region.



THE DIGITAL LIBRARY. CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM Proceedings of an International Conference held in Bologna, Italy, June 1999


14/10/99     LIC in successful European bid

5/11/99     New Opportunities Fund consultation document Community Access to Lifelong Learning - LIC response

16/11/99     LIC responds to OFTEL consultation document Connecting Public Institutions

1/12/99     Information Retrieval Research: results of the call for proposals 
People's Network Online 
LIC responds to DCMS discussion paper Libraries and the Regions

28/1/00     Museums, Libraries & Archives Council - consultation document issued 
ICT Prize - winners announced

22/2/00     LIC responds to 'Libraries for All

25/2/00 & 3/3/00     LIC responses to A Review of Research Priorities and Practices for the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLAC)


Keystone for the Information Age

Projects & grants:

14/10/99 Enhancing access to library based ICT services for visually impaired people. 
Models for the new library regions: sectoral positioning in a changing cultural environment

5 & 16/11/99     A system for music information retrieval of encoded music (MuTaTeD 2) 
Evaluation of content-based image retrieval in an operational setting 
Best Practice Manual: LIC project in partnership with Share the Vision (STV) 
Valuing our recorded heritage

1/12/99     Internet services for older adults in public libraries 
Concept-based Interactive Query Expansion Support Tool (CIQUEST) 
Effects of spatial-semantic interfaces in visual information retrieval 
Evaluation of Content-Based Image Retrieval in an operational setting 
Image indexing and retrieval in the compressed domain 
Improved online information access A multi-disciplinary framework for the evaluation of Internet search engines 
Retrieval through explanation: an abductive inference approach to relevance feedback 
Retrieving multimedia objects: an approach through synchronisation 
VIRAMI: Visual Information Retrieval for Archival Moving Imagery 
VISOR II: user-oriented evaluation framework for the development of electronic image retrieval systems in the workplace

12/1/00     Evaluating the impact of the Library and Information Commission's policy work and underpinning research 
Publisher relationships on the Web Quality Leaders Project 
Regional Archive Development

28/1/00     Outsourcing and Externalisation by libraries, museums and archives 
Navigation Preliminary Study Sustainable models of learning cultures and resource-based learning for the 21st Century

22/2/00     Provision of the Talking Eyes Information Service for visually impaired members of the Asian community to all public library authorities 
The Bidding Culture and Local Government: Effects on the Development of Public Libraries

3/3/00     State of the Sector: Stage one - analysis of the sector workforce, and skills foresight exercise 
Community and region: scale economies and public libraries


14/10/99     Survey of secondary school library users 
Average prices of British academic books: January to June 1999 
Average prices of USA academic books: January to June 1999

5/11/99 & 16/11/99     LISU Annual Library Statistics 1999, by Claire Creaser and Alison Murphy LIC research report 21
READINESS: Research and development in networking subject services By EARL: the consortium for public library networking LIC research report 3

1/12/99     Outsourcing book selection: supplier selection in public libraries by Capital Planning Information Ltd LIC research report 20 
A concept-based method for automatic abstracting by Chris Paice and Michael Oakes LIC research report 27

12/1/00     Getting information to vocational trainees by Christine Urquhart LIC research report 26 
Developing research in public libraries by Stella Thebridge, Clare Nankivell and Graham Matthews LIC research report 24

28/1/00     The 1998/1999 Library and Information Commission annual report 
A Survey of Library Services to Schools and Children in the UK 1998-1999 by Claire Creaser LIC research report 28

22/2/00     Research Bulletin Issue 2 
User passports and visas: understanding the role of identification metadata by Liz Potter and Mark Bide LIC research report 22

3/3/00     International roles for MLAC 
UKOLN annual report 1998/99: presented to the Library and Information Commission and to the Committee on Electronic Information of the JISC by Lorcan Dempsey and Sally Criddle LIC research report 18 
Futures Together by Geoff Warren and Chris Dodd LIC research report 25 
Review of research funding for LIS by David Haynes, David Streatfield and Noeleen Cookman LIC research report 40

30/3/00     Libraries: the Essence of Inclusion Keystone for the Information Age - conference report


November 1999

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