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 Editorial note:

This section contains items culled from various Internet news services, discussion lists and other announcements.  Unless specifically noted, I have not visited the sites, used any of the software, reviewed the literature, or written the news items.  I present this digest to you in good faith but cannot vouch for the accuracy of its content.  

Kerry Smith


> Accessing and Browsing Information and Communication

> Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's international library award

> Can Networks of Journal-Journal Citations Be Used as Indicators of Change in the Social Sciences? (preprint version)

> Cataloging Internet Resources

> Dublin Core Metatdata Element Set Approved

> EBLIDA brochure "Licensing Digital Resources. How to avoid the legal pitfalls"

> Evaluation initiative for XML document retrieval 

> Forty Years of Library Education -- The School of Library, Archival & Information Studies, The University of British Columbia 1961-2001

> Gateway to the Invisible Web

> Gathering All Species

> 'GIS' Map of nation's libraries

> Global Information Technology Report 2001-2002: Readiness for the Networked World.


> HyLiFe (Hybrid Library of the Future) 

> I-ASIS&T Web Gets a New Look 

> International Dictionary of  Library Histories

> International Digital Libraries Collaborative Research and Applications Testbeds (NSF 02-085) Program Solicitation

> IT fluency

> Legal deposit and digital preservation

> Library of Congress Action Plan for the Bibliographic Control of Web Resources

> MOLO/OVAL/SOLO Regional Library Systems

> NISO/BISG meeting on Digital Archiving

> NISO Establishes Networked Reference Services Committee

> NISO unveils new web site

> Preservation Management of Digital Materials: A Handbook 

> PRISM, the newsletter of the American Library Association's Office for Accreditation

> Public Library Internet Services and the Digital Divide

> Safekeeping: A Cooperative Approach to Building a Digital Preservation Resource

> SCECSAL Web Site


> TONIC - The Online Netskills Interactive Course

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