Essays and Opinions about Technology

In this issue we have three essays about technology by librarians who work in very different environments. Joseph Jones steps back after 20 years as an academic librarian to view philosophically how information literacy relates to technology and how the teaching and access techniques we have developed in a book culture must change in a technological culture. In her essay, Joan Shaw also steps back to assess and critique the six years she has spent as a teacher-librarian on a “raging” river of technology, trying to integrate IT into library programs while retaining some of the best aspects of paper-based resources - all the while struggling with insufficient numbers of workable computers. Rachel Singer Gordon views technology in a job-related context as she examines the responsibilities of a systems librarian. She maintains that a traditional “library” education provides a sound background for systems librarianship.
Taken as a group, these three essays provide excellent evidence of the different ways librarians view and cope with technological challenges.

Ann Curry
Editor – Essays and Opinions