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3 Indian Books On Library Science


kkagencies []         Thu 27/01/2005 1:05 PM         3 Indian Books On Library Science / EP 1491T*/


Dear Research/Information Specialist:


Pick (EP): 1491


Here are three newly-added publications which could be of interest to you.

The Special Price offer is on all orders received till 20 February 2005:


1. Information and Communication Technology : Recasting Development /

Edited by Kiran Prasad


2. Library and Information Profession in India : Dr. P. S. G. Kumar

Festschrift / General Editors : C. P. Vashishth and M. P. Satija


3. NMML Manuscripts : An Introduction



                                         --(Further details on these titles

are given below)


Also, we _make all shipments by registered AIRMAIL with no additional

charges_. You may give a reference to this bulletin while ordering. For

ordering details please refer at the end.





1. Information and Communication Technology : Recasting Development /

Edited by Kiran Prasad.  1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing

Corporation.  2004.  xxviii, 449 p. ills. 23 cm.

List Price: $ 50.00     Your Price: $ 45.00

ISBN: 8176464562        KK-30918




`Information and Communication Technology': Recasting Development sets out

to illustrate the application of ICTs for recasting development in India

and several other developing societies. This path-breaking book explores

the applications of ICTs in the core sectors of agriculture, healthcare,

geographic information system, networking, rural and industrial

development. Another major focus of the book is the implication of

communication convergence, the development of cyber journalism, electronic

organizational communication, e-public relations, e-governance and

e-democracy in the era of globalization. The book raises several

fundamental questions on development policy and communication research and

responds to the polemic issue of bridging the digital divide in India that

can inspire the development efforts of several developing countries.


The scholars of international strength who have broadened the ICT for

development debate have great pleasure in recommending this book to

academia, researchers, policy framers and professionals in communication

and information science, IT, development studies, extension studies, rural

development, development economics and planning and social policy. It is hoped that this book will be a valuable resource for future research and

policy formation, management and intervention in national development.






List of Contributors


                                             1. Prologue


1. Information and Communication Technology for Development in India :

Rethinking Media Policy and Research / Kiran Prasad


                                  2. ICT: Applications and Limitations


2. Information and Communication Technologies : Applications and

Limitations / A. Neelameghan


3. Information Technology : Boon or Bane / Umesh Arya Jangid


                                      3. ICT for Development


4. Communication Technologies and Information Support for Development in

India / Amardeep and M. A. Ansari


5. Satellite Communication for Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

/ Narendrasinh B. Chauhan


6. Information Technologies and Development : Clusters as Economic Policy

tools for India / Joeel Ruet


7. Community Radio in India : Social Implications / Vasuki Belavadi


8. Telemedicine in India : Information Technology for Healthcare / Waheeda



                                    4. Applied Research in ICT


9. Geographic Information in the ICT era : What has changed and how? /

Sebastien Oliveau


10. Ethnographic Action Research : A Method for Implementing and Evaluating

New Media Technologies / Jo Tacchi, Greg Hearn and Abraham Ninan


                         5. Communication Convergence and Development


11. Communication Convergence and Development Concerns in India / Kiran Prasad


12. Communication Convergence, Networking and Development / Joshva Raja


                             6. New Media for Effective Communication


13. Cyber Journalism / Roy Mathew


14. New Media in International Communication : Countering US Mainstream

Media Views in the Iraq Wars / Madanmohan Rao


15. E-governance : Ushering in an era of E-democracy / I. Arul Aram


16. Technology in Organizational Communication : A recursive relationship

between Organizational Culture and E-mail / Abraham Ninan


17. New Media and Public Relations Practice / Kiran Prasad


                                             7. Epilogue


18. Bridging the Digital Divide in India / Subhash R. Joshi


                                --For more details visit our site






2. Library and Information Profession in India : Dr. P. S. G. Kumar

Festschrift / General Editors : C. P. Vashishth and M. P. Satija.  1st ed.

Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.  2004.  25 cm.

2 Vols. Bound in 3. Contents: vol. 1, part 1 and 2. Reflections and

Redemptions. xl, 438 p. ills.; part 2. xii, 439-781 p. ills. vol. 2.

Assessment of the Man and His Work. ii, 258 p. ills.

In association with P. S. G. Kumar Felicitation Committee, Nagpur.

List Price: $ 150.00 (2-vol. Set)   Your Price: $ 135.00 (2-vol. Set)

ISBN: 817646466X (Set)        KK-30750




Dr. P. S. G. Kumar Felicitation Committee (Nagpur-Amravati) feels proud in

presenting this Festschrift entitled `Library and Information Profession in

India : Reflections and Redemptions' on his superannuation. It is a matter

of gratification to all those who have been closely associated with him and

observed the work and contributions of Dr. P. S. G. Kumar who has served

the profession with utmost dedication and devotion. His life has been a

saga of activities and an inspiration to others. He has left his lasting

impression on all the institutions and associations he has been associated

and nurtured. The Festschrift has been organized in 2 Volumes.


Volume one divided in to 2 parts contains 76 papers arranged under the

following 12 major themes:


1. Librarianship: History and Philosophy,


2. Ethics and Librarianship,


3. Education and Libraries,


4. Library Profession,


5. Education for Librarianship,


6. Library Literature,


7. Types of Libraries,


8. Library Management,


9. Information: Basics,


10. Information Technology,


11. Digital Libraries, and


12. Electronic Products and Services


Volume Two has 3 units. Unit 1 gives his detailed biographical account.

Unit 2 provides Assessment and Impact of Kumar on Library Profession and

Library Professionals. Unit 3 contains tributes paid by seniors in the

profession which bring out some less known facts about Dr. Kumar.




                                                Vol. 1






Dr. P. S. G. Kumar Festschrift Committee


List of Contributors


                                                Part 1



                                  Librarianship: History and Philosophy


1. Libraries and Librarianship in Modern India / Dr. H. R. Chopra


2. Library and Librarianship : History and Philosophy / Arun Kumar Sinha


3. Newer Media of Communication and the Book / M. R. Riswadkar


4. Librarian--An Effective Counsellor / V. Geetha



                                    Ethics and Librarianship


1. Librarianship : Professionalism and Ethics / Shalini B. Waghmare, R. S.

Lihitkar and Ajay T. Agashe


2. Ethics, Philosophy and Sociology of Librarianship / Dr. T. R. Borse


3. Code of Ethics / Dr. (Ms) K. Navalani and Ms. Kiran Kathuria


4. Models of Ethical Analysis in Library Profession in Protecting

Intellectual Property / Dr. (Mrs.) Pushpanjali Jena (Dhal) and Ms.

Bijalaxmi Routray


5. Professional Ethics and Librarianship / Prof. S. P. Potdar



                                     Education and Libraries


1. Role of Librarian in Higher Education / Dr. Mohan R. Kherde


2. Role of Christian Missionaries in the Growth and Development of Higher

Education : A Study / Dr. David Livingstone and N. Rani Syamalamba


3. E-Learning : Opportunities, Challenges and Implications in LIS

Profession in Digital Era / K. P. Singh



                                       Library Profession


1. Librarianship as a Profession / Dr. P. S. Dakhole


2. Professional Development : An Ever Going Process for Library and

Information Professionals / Dr. N. R. Satyanarayana


3. Librarianship in IT Environment / Dr. (Ms) Vaishali G. Choukhande


4. Role of Information Professionals in Information or Knowledge-based

Society / Dr. (Ms) S. P. Singh


5. Library and Information Profession in India : Reflections and

Redemptions / V. L. Kalyane, Anil Sagar, Anil Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Lalit

Mohan and E. R. Prakasan


6. Job Market for LIS Graduates in Kerala / K. Dineshan and Dr. P. Parameswaran


7. Library Professionals and Their Performance / Dr. S. K. Bajpai


8. Stress and Burnout Among Library Professionals : A Correlational

Approach / Dr. Neeru Awasthi and Prof. H. R. Chopra


9. Loss of Books in Libraries : An Appraisal and Effective Rules / Dr.

Umesh Kumar Agarwal


10. Role of Library Associations in India / Prakash B. Jain


11. Stratification of Library Professionals / Dr. (Mrs.) Ashwini P. Paradkar


12. Road Map of Delhi Library Association / Prof. C. P. Vashishth



                                  Education for Librarianship


1. LIS Education in India : A Historical Perspective / Ms. Vaishali B.



2. Education and Training of Information Professional of the 21st Century :

A Futuristic Perspective / Dr. Subal Chandra Biswas


3. Library and Information Science Education : The Missing Links / Ms.

Chitra Rekha Kuffalikar


4. Education for the 21st Century Librarian / Dr. Sewa Singh


5. Factors that Compel to Review LIS Curricula in India / Dr. U. K. Agarwal


6. LIS Education Vis-a-Vis UGC Model Curriculum / (Mrs.) R. Khokale


7. Teaching Methods in LIS Education in India / Dr. Neerja Verma


8. In-service Education and Training (INSET) for Library Professionals :

Issues and Strategies in Changing Environment / Dr. Sunil Kumar


9. Librarians As Navigators / Dr. K. H. Shukla


10. Growth in LIS Research with Special Reference to Nagpur University /

Dr. D. Rajyalakshmi



                                       Library Literature


1. Library and Information Science Literature in Gujarati Language / P. C.

Shah and D. N. Shukla


2. Development of Literature on Library and Information Science in Marathi

/ Dr. D. R. Deshpande


3. Authorship Pattern in the Field of Library and Information Science :

A  Study / Dr. Mohan R. Kherde



                                        Kinds of Libraries


1. National Library : Origin and Growth / Dr. R. Ramachandran


2. Some Challenging Issues Relating to the Development of Public Libraries

/ Prof. P. N. Kaula


3. New Dimension of Public Library Legislation / Parvez Alam and Ch.

Ahrarul Hasan Jawaid


4. Madras Library Association (MALA) and Public Library Development /

Narendra K. Bar and Dr. Jyoti Misra


5. Madras Library Association Act of 1948 : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

/ Ve Thillainayagam


6. Academic Librares in the 21st Century / Satyaprakash M. Nikose


7. Professional Development in University Libraries and

Information  Technology / Dr. K. Somasekhara Rao


8. Services of the Humanities Libraries in India : A Bird's Eye-view / Dr.

M. Kanakachary


9. Agricultural Libraries and Professional Development / Jiji Cyriac


                                                Part 2



                                          Library Management


1. Change Management in Libraries and Information Centres : Some

Rambling  Thoughts / Dr. S. Seetharama


2. Change Management in Libraries / Dr. K. C. Ramakrishne Gowda and Ms. V.



3. Managing Change : Consortia Efforts in IT Environment / Dr. Y. M. Patil


4. Effective Qualitative Service for Customer Satisfaction / Ravikant M.

Deshpande and Sonali R. Deshpande


5. Adopting Knowledge Management in Libraries / V. K. J. Jeevan


6. Knowledge Management : Its Need to Improve Effectiveness of Academic

Libraries / Dr. M. Satyanarayana


7. Digital Information Marketing / Dr. Manorama Srinath, S. Manivannan and

K. Nityanandam


8. Electronic Security Systems / Dr. Kishore B. Kale


9. Citation Analysis of the `Journal of Documentation' from 2000-2002

/  Fahad Ahmed, Dr. M. Masoom Raza and Ch Ahrarul Hasan Jawaid



                                        Information: Basics


1. Man as an Information Processor / Dr. M. P. Satija


2. Information of India -- A Vision, A Mission / Ms. Babita Sharma


3. Information Retrieval Using Fuzzy Logic / Dr. C. R. Karisiddappa, S. K.

Mukherjee and Bhaskar Karn



                                       Information Technology


1. Application of Information Technology (IT) in Nehru Library, Chaudhary

Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (CCSHAU), Hisar / P. C. Kapila

and Balwan Singh


2. Problems and Prospects of Information Technology in R and D Libraries /

B. U. Kannappanawar, M. Vijayakumar and H. M. Chidananda Swamy


3. Data Mining / Anil Chikate and Sharmila Chikate



                               Digital Libraries and Virtual Libraries


1. Digital Library : Services and Products / Dr. S. L. Sangam


2. Digital Libraries : Problems and Challenges / Dr. Mahesh V. Mudhol and

M. Purushothama Gowda


3. Planning a Digital Library : Issues to be Considered / Dr. C. Sasikala


4. Digital Object Identifiers : An Overview / Dr. B. Ramesh Babu, A. C.

Ganesh and M. Tamizhchelvan


5. Virtual Libraries : Challenge for 21st Century / Smt. Mangala A. Hirwade

and Anil W. Hirwade


6. Content Management Concepts and Process / Dr. A. Kaliammal and Ms.

G.  Thamaraiselvi



                                 Electronic Products and Services


1. Need for Electronic Services in Digital Surroundings : With Special

Reference to CD-ROM / Dr. Rabinarayan Mishra


2. E-Journals : Needs of the Day / P. C. Shah


3. Cataloguing of Electronic and Web Resources : Some Provisions / Dr. R.

S. R. Varalakshmi


4. Electronic Document Delivery Systems and Services / Dr. B. Ramesh Babu

and S. Gopalakrishnan


5. Internet Services for Library and Information Centres / Indra Kaul


6. Information Services at Science and Technology Libraries in India :

A  SWOT Analysis / Dr. Naushad Ali P. M.


7. Health Care Information Part-I : A Brief Study on Researches in

Developing Countries / Charoibam Ibohal Singh and Ramansu Lahiri


8. Health Care Information Part-II : A Brief Study of Researches in

Developing Countries / Charoibam Ibohal Singh and Ramansu Lahiri


9. Information Requirements of the Fashion Technology Academics in India :

A Survey / Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan and Dr. B. Ramesh Babu


Author Index


Subject Index


                                                 Vol. 2


                                                 Unit-1 Biography


P. S. G. Kumar: A Jewel of Indian Librarianship / C. P. Vashishth; Assisted

by Dr. U. P. Nalhe and Ms. Phani Bhargavi


1. Birth


2. Early Life


3. Shift to Library Science


4. Entry into the Profession


5. As a Teacher


6. As Head of the Department


7. As a Librarian


8. Work with Associations


9. As an Author


10. Journalistic Work


11. Personality of Dr. Kumar





Academic and curriculum vitae of Dr. P. S. G. Kumar / Compiled by Dr. D. R.

Deshpande and R. B. Jatkar





Dr. P. S. G. Kumar : Assessment of the Man and His Work


1. Bibliometric Study of the Contributions of Dr. P. S. G. Kumar / P.

Rajendran and Dr. R. Parameswaran


2. Dr. P. S. G. Kumar : Personality with Plentiful Behavioural Skills /

Ravikant M. Deshpande


3. Dr. Kumar : Philosopher, Guide and Mentor for Many (A Tribute to My

Teacher) / D. Rajyalakshmi


4. Kumar : A Radiating Personality / G. V. S. L. Narasimha Raju


5. Dr. P. S. G. Kumar As I Know Him / C. R. Karisiddappa


6. For Kumar, Profession is His Passion / M. R. Riswadkar


7. Dr. P. S. G. Kumar : A Role Model for Librarians / S. G. Mahajan


8. Dr. Kumar : A Lighthouse of the Profession / Velaga Venkatappaiah


9. Dr. P. S. G. Kumar : An Administrator, Teacher, Researcher and Prolific

Writer Par Excellence / B. Ramesh Babu


10. Professor P. S. G. Kumar--As I Know Him / Y. M. Patil


11. An Outstanding Professional / K. B. Satyanarayana


12. Karamyogi Kumar / Dr. Biswanath Panda and Dr. Bibhu Prasad Panda


13. Dr. P. S. G. Kumar : A Man of Ideas and Vision / S. K. Kesarwani


Prof. C. P. Vashishth, Professor of Lib & Info Sc. (Retired), University of

Delhi, Delhi.


Dr. M. P. Satija, Professor, Deptt. of Library and Information Sc, GND

University, Amritsar.





3. NMML Manuscripts : An Introduction.  1st ed. New Delhi, Nehru Memorial

Museum and Library.  2003.  xii, 560 p. 25 cm.

List Price: $ 50.00     Your Price: $ 45.00

ISBN: 8187614056        KK-30528




Archival material constitute an indispensable source of primary information

for social science research. The Archives of the Nehru Memorial Museum and

Library (NMML) has the unique distinction of being the largest repository

of non-official papers in India with nearly one thousand collections

belonging to distinguished Institutions and prominent personalities who have made a mark in the nation's life.


The present volume `NMML Manuscripts': An Introduction has been conceived

as a guide to all the collections presently available with the NMML

Archives. For the purpose of convenience, the collections have been grouped

under four major sections namely Institutional Collections, Miscellaneous

Collections on Microfilm and Microfiche, Individual Collections and

Miscellaneous Items. All the collections are introduced with a brief

write-up highlighting the contents of the collections. The Individual

Collections also carry biographical sketches of the personalities to assist

the readers to make a proper assessment of the importance of the collection.






1. Introduction


2. Institutional Collections


3. Miscellaneous Institutional Collections on Microfilm/Microfiche


4. Individual Collections


5. Miscellaneous Items


6. Appendix : List of NMML Collections





Prices indicated are in US dollars.


Libraries & institutions may straight raise their purchase orders thru our

website, e-mail, fax or post and pay routinely after receipt of materials &

their corresponding invoices.


Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru credit cards or their

personal checks drawn in US dollars (favouring <K.K.AGENCIES>) and while so

doing kindly select title/s in such a way that a one time order totals US $

20 or above.


Our comprehensive catalog can be browsed at <>.


We at KK are dedicated to making your experience with us more enjoyable and



With kind regards,



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Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources | Deep WebResearch |; on behalf of; Gerry Mckiernan []                      Thu 27/01/2005 5:27 AM              ;;; SYSLIB-L@listserv.BUFFALO.EDU;; CHMINF-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU; LIBREF-L@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU;;;;





On behalf of my WebColleague, Marcus P. Zillman, I am pleased to announce his latest resource guide:


Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources




Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation white paper titled

"Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources' is a 32 page research

paper listing selected resources both new and existing that will help

anyone who is attempting to find academic and scholarly information and


knowledge available on the Internet. Each source is described along with

the URL address than can be accessed. It is freely available as a .pdf


file (966KB) at the above link and authored by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S.,




In addition, Marcus recently published an article in LLRX(r) that is also WorthTheRead:


"Deep Web Research 2005"

[ ]


BTW: For my eProfile of Marcus Zillman please see my latest _Library Hi Tech News_ column

[ ]






Gerry McKiernan

Deep Librarian

Iowa State University

Ames IA 50011



Call for best student paper


Open Lib/Info Sci Education Forum [JESSE@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU]; on behalf of; Ian M. Johnson [i.m.johnson@RGU.AC.UK]

Tue 7/12/2004 2:59 AM       JESSE@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU


K. G. Saur Verlag

Munich, Germany

Announces the 2005 annual award for

Best LIBRI Student Paper

Since 1950, through 55 volumes, LIBRI International Journal of Libraries and Information Services has been a leader among scholarly journals in the international library world. As part of its strategy to remain one of the premier library journals, LIBRI is issuing a call for "Best Student Paper of 2005." This competition supports LIBRI's goal of publishing the best articles from the next generation of library and information science professionals. We are proud once again to recognize the very best article with this special award.

Students at all levels* are invited to submit articles with clarity and authority. There is no stated theme. Research papers should address one of the significant issues facing today's librarians and information professionals.  Case studies, best practices, and pure research papers are all welcome.

Length: approx. 5000 words
Language: English
Deadline: May 31, 2005

The best paper will be selected by a independent panel consisting of selected members of the Editorial Board, the Advisory Board and other international experts. Submissions will be judged on the basis of

• originality of thought and observation
• depth of research and scholarship
• topicality of problems addressed
• the international readership of the journal

The article will be published in the 2005:3 issue. The author of the winning article will be honoured with an award of 500.00 USD and with a complementary subscription to LIBRI for 2006. If the quality of competition warrants, some papers may be designated as honourable mention and the authors will receive complementary subscriptions to Libri for 2006. The normal provision to the author of 25 offprints applies to all winners.

Manuscripts should be sent to the LIBRI Editorial Office, Statsbiblioteket, Universitetsparken, DK 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. Electronic submissions are encouraged and may be submitted to Author instructions are available at the LIBRI site at

Exception: Senior information scholars returning to school for additional degrees outside the field of library and information science are not eligible for this award. 


Call for contributions to book; on behalf of; COOL COLLEEN []                      Wed 12/01/2005 1:28 PM              



Youth Information Seeking Behaviors:

Contexts, Theories, Models and Issues


Scarecrow Press has offered us the chance to edit a second contributors

book on youth information seeking behavior, and we are now seeking

original research or research review articles that cover research that

follows or derives from that in the first book, with an anticipated

publishing date in 2007. While any type of information seeking topic is

welcome, we are particularly interested in public library as well as in

school or academic contexts, and in personal information as well as that

sought for school assignments. Please note that, by information seeking

behavior, we are not excluding traditional topics like books and reading,

but we would exclude any papers that researched the content of materials

to the exclusion of the process of seeking them. Youth may be defined as

encompassing preschool through college undergraduates. All papers will be

read by one outside referee of our choosing, in addition to ourselves.


Papers are requested to be no more than 30 pages in length, inclusive, in

Chicago Manual of Style format to arrive no later than August 1, 2005.

Questions and requests for detailed author guidelines may be sent to us

at the address listed below.



Mary K. Chelton


(718) 997-3667


Colleen Cool


(718) 997-3789



Graduate School of Library and Information Studies

Queens College/CUNY

254 Rosenthal Library

65-30 Kissena Blvd.

Flushing, NY 11367

(718) 997-3790 Main Office

(718) 997-3797 FAX




Corporate Wikis ?; on behalf of; Gerry Mckiernan []          Fri 5/11/2004 7:30 AM              ;;;; CHMINF-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU; LIBREF-L@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU;;;




I am greatly interested in learning of Any and All uses of Wikis in corporations/businesses/companies.

[Use of wikis in law firms  is of particular interest]


For those new to the WikiWorld, a wiki is defined in the Wikipedia



"A Wiki or wiki (pronounced "wicky" or "weekee") is a website (or other hypertext document collection) that allows a user to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows that content to be edited by any other user."


BTW: The Wikipedia is Itself a wiki !


I am interested in knowing about the specific wiki engine

(system/software)  (e.g, Twiki [ ]) that is used and the specific/general uses in The Enterprise (e.g., project management).


I would also be interested in knowing if the wiki is private and/or public.


TIAKI [:-)




Gerry McKiernan

Corporate Librarian

Iowa State University

Ames IA 50011


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; on behalf of; Gerry Mckiernan []       Tue 9/11/2004 11:42 PM  ;;; SYSLIB-L@listserv.BUFFALO.EDU;; CHMINF-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU; LIBREF-L@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU;;;


[Asis-l] Corporate Wikis: Sites, Sources, and a Summit


Corporate Wikis: Sites, Sources, and a Summit




As a result of a (somewhat) comprehensive literature and Google review, I've identified a number of highly relevant and (potentially significant) articles relating to Corporate Wikis (wikis in general). Among the major Sites/Sources/Summit I've discovered include




Jot Spot [ ] "The Application Wiki"

This commercial wiki software company has an excellent categorized listing of the application and uses of its product/service (


Socialtext  [ ] "Enterprise Social Software"

Socialtext provides a list of select customers and their particular uses

[ ]. These include Disney, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Informative, USC Annenberg Center, Ziff Davis Media, Stata Labs, Kodak, Soar Technology, Institute for the Future, Zipp, Global Business Network, International Design Consultancy, Q Ltd., O'Reilly,  and PC Forum.


TWiki (, a wiki technology used in variety of corporate intranets, also provides a link to select companies that have used the software /  system, with mention of their specific uses [ ].



Switch Wiki


SwitchWiki [] claims to be comprehensive in coverage of public wikis ("SwitchWiki is currently a list of every public wiki").  As you will discover, it covers a variety of general, particular, peculiar, and idiosyncratic topics. As noted, "Ideally, each wiki has its own page here for reviews and discussions of the content and/or software used by that wiki."



The SwitchWiki also includes a directory of wikis by wiki engine

[ ]


Among the key resources are those available from Ward Cunningham's site [Cunningham is the FatherOfTheWiki]: External links

*     Wiki engines (

*     How to start a Wiki ( (on Wikibooks)

*     Wiki:WikiClient

*     Mac Wiki software (

*     How to choose a Wiki (

*     Top ten wiki engines (


Of course one can not and should not overlook the resources about EverthingWiki from the Wikipedia

[ ]

For example, one of the best sources for information about wiki engines is the Wiki Software entry 

[ ] in the Wikipedia  and its list and links to external resources (see bottom of the page) .




Espen Andersen, Using Wikis in a Corporate Context, Draft, November 5, 2004 [ ]


Brenda Chawner and Paul H. Lewis,

"WikiWikiwebs: New Ways of Interacting in a Web Environment," Handout from LITA Forum, St. Louis, Missouri, October 7-10, 2004 [ ]



Bo Leuf  and Ward Cunningham and, _The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration on the Web _.  Boston: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2001 . [ ]


A book about wiki technology, providing both a hands-on discussion on running and using wikis and well-founded discussions of the basics of wiki design (such as how much formatting to allow, and how much security to provide). It also includes an analysis of the source code of QuickiWiki, which is included with the book.


Chapter 4, "Using Wiki", is available in PDF format at



Jonathan Davies, Wiki Brainstorming and Problems with Wiki Based Collaboration, University of York Computer Science Project, Sept 2004 [ wiki_collaboration_and_brainstorming.pdf ]


David Mattison, "Quickiwiki, Swiki, Twiki, Zwiki and the Plone Wars Wiki as a PIM and Collaborative Content Tool,"  Searcher 11 (4) (April 2003): 32-48. [ ]




_Corporate Weblog and Wiki Summit:

Implementing Emerging Business Tools to Streamline Enterprise Project Efficiency_ February 1 - 2, 2005 *  The Miami Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, FL [ ]


BTW: Note the Registration Fee [There Goes My Beer Budget [:-)]


I plan to synthesize the results of my search (as well as responses to my posting(s)) on Corporate Wikis) into a review article over the coming months for one of my favorite e-zines ; look for it on your local eStands next Spring  [:-)













P.S. My next comprehensive reviews will examine Wikis in Education, and Wikis in Government

[Stay Tuned for  Future Postings {;-))]



Disruptive Scholarship Blog Launched; on behalf of; Gerry Mckiernan []       Fri 4/02/2005 2:47 AM;;;; SYSLIB-L@listserv.BUFFALO.EDU;; CHMINF-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU; LIBREF-L@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU;;;;;


[Asis-l] [DIGLIB] Disruptive Scholarship Blog Launched




I am pleased to inform you of the creation of a New Blog devoted to the theme of my Wiki-based

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Gerry McKiernan

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Electronic re-publication of book on Africa       Wed 29/12/2004 5:15 PM




One of the main titles concerned with information and libraries in Africa 'The Quiet Struggle' by Paul Sturges and Richard Neill has been out of print for some years now and never achieved full distribution in Africa because of the high price charged by the publishers. A full text of the Second (1998) edition is now available electronically. To find it, go to Paul Sturges' webpage at


There you can click on the highlighted title of the book and you will find a searchable and downloadable text. Librarians, lecturers, scholars and students are encouraged to use it freely, providing that if all or parts of it are re-used elsewhere, full credit is given to the authors. Please feel free to mount the text on websites, print out the whole or parts of the book in as many copies as you wish, and quote from it, at length if you wish. A CD ROM copy can be supplied on request from Paul Sturges if this will be more convenient.


Re-posting of this message on other relevant lists is welcomed.


Paul Sturges

Professor of Library Studies

Department of Information Science

Loughborough University

Leics. LE11 3TU, UK.


Tel 01509 223069

Fax 01509 223053




ELPUB Digital Library: Free Access to Elpub conference papers; on behalf of; Gerry Mckiernan []          Sat 8/01/2005 2:34 AM;;;; LIS-E-JOURNALS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK; SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDU;; CHMINF-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU; LIBREF-L@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU;;;;;;;




I have discovered that Bob Martens of Vienna University Of Technology has created a database that provides access to all of the conference papers presented at the ELPUB [Electronic Publishing] conferences dating from 1997, the year of the first ELPUB Conference.


ELPUB Digital Library is available at  [ ]


There are a variety of search and browse options that provide FREE access to the Full Text of included papers! "The use is free of charge. Access to advanced features (article upload, creation of collections, discussion forums, ratings, reviews,

etc.) is subject to **user registration** and login.


[ ]


IMHO, many of the papers presented at previous ELPUB conferences have consistently reported cutting/bleeding edge developments in all areas of Electronic Publishing and are well worth the read. As of today, nearly 300 papers are available!


BTW: The 2005 ELPUB  will be held June 8-10, 2005 and will be hosted by the Research Group on Document Architectures (DocArch) of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven). The conference will take place at the Arenberg Castle, a beautiful 16th-Century castle situated in an impressively green scenery in Heverlee near the city of Leuven.


[ ]


The list of suggested topics for the 2005 conference is quite wide ranging


[ ]


Thanks Bob for this Very Important Service !!!






Gerry McKiernan

ElPub Librarian

Iowa State University

Ames IA 50011



GL6 Conference Proceedings now in Print!


TextRelease []     Fri 28/01/2005 4:50 PM



  /CIP                     \

 /                          \______________________________________________


  Sixth International Conference on Grey Literature : Work on Grey in

  Progress, 6-7 December 2004, NYAM Conference Center / compiled and edited

  by D.J. Farace and J. Frantzen; GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service.

  Amsterdam : TextRelease, January 2005. ­ VIII, 182 p. ; 30 cm.

  GL-conference series, ISSN 1386-2316 ; No. 6.


  The conference proceedings contain the full text of some twenty-four

  papers presented during the two-days of Sessions and Panels. The

  papers appear in the same order as the conference program, which can be

  found at The print copy has been

  standardized in font, size and format for general layout and appearance.

  Included is a List of Participating Organizations and an Author index.


  ISBN 90-77484-04-3  __________________________________________________________________________




 For those libraries and information centres that house the earlier volumes  in this GL-Conference Series, it is recommended that they place renewal  orders as soon as possible.


 For those information professionals interested in a full subscription to  GreyNet, which also includes the Conference Proceedings, a Subscription  Form can be found at




GL Program and Conference Bureau

Beysterveld 251

1083 KE Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Tel/Fax +31(0)20-672.1217





IFLA Publication on Disaster Protection


Sjoerd Koopman []                Mon 24/01/2005 6:39 PM         


NEW IFLA Publication



Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting our Cultural Heritage from Disaster. Ed. by Nancy Gwinn and Johanna Wellheiser. (IFLA Publications; nr 111). Munich: Saur, 2005.


Throughout history libraries, museums and archives have been struck by disasters, both natural and manmade. Earthquakes and floods, storms and fires have caused huge losses of precious collections. Human conflicts and wars have also played their own roles in violating the heritage of human civilization.


This book contains the Proceedings of a special IFLA conference held in Berlin in July 2003 which was devoted to the preparedness of libary collections for situations of "man made" disasters (conflict, war) and/or natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes). A panel of international experts discussed these issues and exchanged their views.


Papers concentrated on different aspects of the issues. One part focuses on national policy planning with contributions by speakers from countries that have established national planning efforts and strategies for handling disasters, specifically as they relate to cultural organizations, such as libraries, archives and museums. Another part concentrates on the institutional level, with an emphasis on what has shown to work based on practical experiences in libraries and other sectors: human resource and response issues, training requirements, pitfalls and success factors. In addition a worldwide scala of case studies is presented.


The book pays tribute to the efforts that have been made to protect or recover our cultural heritage from disaster, and provides valuable advise on planning for emergencies and on the preventive measures needed to safeguard collections.




Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protecting our Cultural Heritage from Disaster. Ed. by Nancy Gwinn and Johanna Wellheiser.

München: Saur, 2005, 192 p.

(IFLA Publications; 111)

ISBN 3-598-21842-7

Price: EUR 78 (IFLA Members EUR 58)



K.G. Saur Verlag

P.O. Box 701620

81316 Munich, Germany

Tel: +49-89-76902-300

Fax: +49-89-76902-150/250





Information, Communication, Library and Community Development : Festschrift

in Honour of Prof. C. P. Vashishth


kkagencies []                     Thu 21/10/2004 2:49 PM                     Information, Communication, Library and Community Development  - OneRecent Title / EP 1384T*/


Dear Research/Information Specialist:


Pick (EP): 1384


Here is a newly-added publication which could be of interest to you. The

Special Price offer is on all orders received till 30 November 2004.


Also, we _make all shipments by registered AIRMAIL with no additional

charges_. You may give a reference to this bulletin while ordering. For

ordering details please refer at the end.





Information, Communication, Library and Community Development : Festschrift

in Honour of Prof. C. P. Vashishth / Edited by Dr. B. Ramesh Babu and Dr.

S. Gopalakrishnan.  1st ed. Delhi, B. R. Publishing Corporation.  2004.  23 cm. 2 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. xl, 360 p. ills. (partly col.). ISBN: 8176464333.

vol. 2. xiii, 361-793 p. ills. ISBN: 8176464341.

List Price: $ 100.00 (2-vol. Set)   Your Price: $ 90.00 (2-vol. Set)

ISBN: 817646404X (Set)        KK-30050












Festschrift Committee


List of Contributors


                                              Vol. 1


                                            Section 1

                               Means and Methods of Communication

                                        of Information


1. Public Information at the Doorsteps : A Background / Dr. Velaga Venkatappiah


2. Information Support for Rural Development / Dr. S. Seetharama


3. The Emergence of Information Explosion and its Sustainable Management :

An Overview / K. P. Singh, Karnika Gaur and Bhawana Singh


4. Impact of Communication and Social Change on Librarianship / Dr.

Surendra Singh and Dr. Sonal Singh


5. Social Barriers as Impediments of Information Flow : A Study / K. S. Chalam


6. The Face of Knowledge in Information System / Dr. M. R. Davarpanah


                                            Section 2

                                     Media of Communication


7. Communication : Media Versus Means / Dr. D. Rajyalakshmi and Mr. Ajay Agase


8. Electronic Communication Stream : An Effectual and Resourceful Means of

Communique / Dr. Rabinarayan Mishra


9. Communication Media : At a Glance / Dr. Sonal Singh and Mamta Malik


10. Agro Forestry Resources and Internet Links / S. C. Uppal


11. Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations : Strategies and Techniques / M.

Nasiruddin Munshi


                                             Section 3

                                       Community Information


12. Community Information : Public Library and Vision 2020 / Dr. K. Sarada


13. Community Information and Changing Role of Library / Dr. P. S. G. Kumar


14. Organisational Climate Survey on Users' Community : A Theoretical

Outline / Dr. Pushpanjali Jena (Dhal)


15. Information About the Lives and Living Conditions of Savara and Jathapu

Tribes / Dr. M. Prasada Rao


16. CIS in Church Organisations in India / Fr. Dr. Vijay Kiran and Dr. B.

Ramesh Babu


17. Role of NGOs in the Urban Development : A Case Study of Asha Nivas

Social Welfare Centre in Chennai / P. Nageswara Rao and Fr. Dr. Kurian Thomas


18. Role of NGOs in the Community Information : A Case Study of Tamil Nadu

Science Forum and DONBOSCO / S. K. Ashok Kumar


                                            Section 4

                                      Communication Agencies


19. Public Libraries as Community Information Centres and Their Role in

Rural Development / Dr. B. D. Kumbar and C. Krishna Murthy


20. Public Libraries as Community Information Centres / A. Raghavaiah and

L. Venkateswara Rao


21. The School Library in the Learning Process / A. A. Bello


22. A Plan for Converging Public Libraries, Open Schools and CECs / Dr. G.

V. Subba Rao


23. Library Services for Children : The Need for Expanded Extension

Services / Dr. Y. Venkatesh, Dr. C. P. Ramsesh and Dr. Khaiser Nikam


24. Towards Creating a Learning Community : A Case of COLLIT Project in

India / Vineeta Sinha and Dr. Sanjaya Mishra


25. CIS in Public Libraries in India : Myth or Reality / Dr. B. Ramesh Babu

and Dr. S. Gopalakrishanan


26. Education and Training of Library Semi-Professionals in Iran : A Survey

/ Dr. Nosrat Riahinia


                                           Section 5

                                User Community and Their Needs


27. Patterns of Usage of Information Sources by Scientists in Nigerian

Universities of Agriculture (UOA) / A. A. Oduwole and B. O. Okhizama


28. E-Resources : User Needs and Fulfilment in Indian Scenario / Dr. V. T.

Kamble and S. Machendranath


29. Impact of Digital Library on User Communities and Their Needs / M.



30. Physical Education Directors and Their Information Needs : An Analysis

/ V. Geetha and R. Geetha


31. Utilisation of Newspaper Libraries by Journalists in Delhi : A Survey /

Dr. Gurdev Singh


32. Patterns of Social Interaction in Collectivist Societies : A Study on

Students of Chennai / G. Suryanarayana Reddy and Dr. P. Govinda Reddy


33. Social Science Faculty Community Needs in University Libraries of

Madhya Pradesh : A Survey / Dr. Sonal Singh, Dr. Surendra Singh and Shekhar



34. Analysis of Information Needs for Effective Public Library Services /

Dr. M. Satyanarayana


                                                Vol. 2


                                               Section 6

                                 Community Information Service (CIS)


35. Community Information Service (CIS) Through Public Libraries : A

Realistic Solution / Dr. S. K. Satpathy


36. Generation of Effective CIS for a Changing Environment / Dr. K.

Veeranjaneyulu and L. S. R. C. V. Ramesh


37. Libraries for the Future : A Model for Planning CIS / Dr. C. Sasikala


38. Community Information Services for Farmers / Dr. K. Veeranjaneyulu


39. Design and Development of Community Information System / Dr. S.

Gopalakrishnan and Dr. B. Ramesh Babu


40. Knowledge Society and Community Information Services / Dr. R.

Parameswaran and P. Rajendran


41. Community Information Sources and Library Services for Rural People /

Dr. J. N. Gautam and Sunil Kumar


                                            Section 7

                                   Governmental Information and

                                        Social Development


42. Outreach Centres for Inspiring Rural Change in India / Dr. K. A. Raju


43. CIS with Special Reference to Health Information / Dr. M. Satyanarayana


44. Information Access and Community Development / Dr. V. Kasirao and J.



                                             Section 8

                                  Right to Information, Panchyat Raj

                                            and E-Governance


45. Right to Access E-Information Services / Dr. V. T. Kamble and S.



46. Right to Information and Freedom of Expression / Manju Vijaykumar and

J. K. Vijaykumar


47. Right to Information in Developing Countries with Reference to Asia /

Dr. D. Chandran


48. Use of Digital Watermarking in Intellectual Property Right / Dr. S. L.

Sangam and Jayadev Kumbar


49. Panchayat Raj and Rural Public Libraries in India / Dharam Kumar


50. E-Commerce : A Case Study of Online Book Shopping / Dr. B. S. Swaroop

Rani and P. Baskaran


51. Application of Information Technology in Governance, Tourism, Learning

and Agricultural Science / B. V. Pawar, Dr. A. K. Sharma, K. B. Mahajan and

R. P. Bhavsar


                                             Section 9

                                Information and Empowerment of Women


52. CIS and Empowerment of Women in 21st Century / Amitha Munshi and Dr. D.



53. Women Empowerment : Community Information Analysis / Dr. Pushpanjali

Jena (Dhal)


54. Information Support for Empowerment of Women of Weaker Sections in

Rural India / Chhotey Lal and Rakesh Prasad


55. Socio-Economic Issues and the Empowerment of Women in India / Dr. P. S.



56. The Gender Dimension in the Flow of Information in Rural Development in

Nigeria / F. A. Oyesiku


                                            Section 10

                                 Traditional and Modern Methods of

                                      Development Communication


57. Preservation Management of Digital Information in LICs : An Overview /

Bulu Maharana and Dr. B. K. Choudhury


58. Relevance of Digitization for Artifacts / P. Lalitha, Kokila Tank and

Dr. T. A. V. Murthy


59. Digital Information Management : The Preservation Issues and Strategies

/ Dr. Tariq Asharf


60. Ranking of Search Engines : A Study Among Internet Users / S. Ally

Sornam and Dhandapani


61. Library and Technology Trends Towards Information Community / A. C.

Ganesh and M. Tamizhchelvan


                                              Section 11

                                          IT and Development


62. IT and Development / J. A. Fadayomi


63. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Library and Information

Science / N. K. Sahu and Dr. K. C. Panda


64. Expert System : An Overview / Dr. D. B. Patil


65. Linux in Indian Perspective : The Rise of Open Source Software / Yogesh



66. Web of Knowledge and Knowledge Management : Cognitive Models / Dr. Usha



67. Perspective of Internet Culture in Bangladesh : An Overview of Its

Growth and Impediments / Mohammed Nasir Uddin


68. Information Technology and the Five Laws of Library Science / Subhash

Khode and Dr. Upinder Dhar


69. Use of Classification Schemes for Organising Internet Resources / Dr.

Manorma Tripathi


70. E-Learning and E-Learning Tools / Dr. A. K. Sharma, B. V. Pawar, S. A.

Patil, R. B. Waghulde and M. A. More


71. Automation Activities and Strategy at IITM Madras Central Library / Dr.

Harish Chandra


                                            Section 12

                                 Profile of Prof. C. P. Vashishth


72. Professor C. P. Vashishth : A Brief Profile / Dr. B. Ramesh Babu and

Dr. S. Gopalkrishnan


73. Professor C. P. Vashishth : A Profile Par Excellence / Dr.

Sachchidanand Pandey


74. Professor C. P. Vashishth : As Known to Me / Dr. K. K. Pandey


75. Close Encounter With A Rare Man / J. S. Rana


76. Prof. C. P. Vashishthji jaesa ke mem unhae jaantha hum / Dr. Ram Singh





Dr. B. Ramesh Babu is Professor in the Department of Library and

Information Science, University of Madras.


Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan is Assistant University Librarian, Anna University,

MIT, Chennai.





Prices indicated are in US dollars.


Libraries & institutions may straight raise their purchase orders thru our

website, e-mail, fax or post and pay routinely after receipt of materials &

their corresponding invoices.


Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru credit cards or their

personal checks drawn in US dollars (favouring <K.K.AGENCIES>) and while so

doing kindly select title/s in such a way that a one time order totals US $

20 or above.


Our comprehensive catalog can be browsed at <>.


We at KK are dedicated to making your experience with us more enjoyable and



With kind regards,



K. R. Mittal                              E-mail:

K. K. Agencies                          

Online Store of Indian Publications       Website:

H-12 Bali Nagar                           Fax: (+0091/11)25173055

New Delhi-110015 / India                  Phone: (+0091/11)25465925



Ingenta Research Award



Open Lib/Info Sci Education Forum [JESSE@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU]; on behalf of; Stephen E Wiberley [wiberley@UIC.EDU]              Wed 2/02/2005 3:39 AM                     JESSE@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU


ALA Announces Ingenta Research Award


The Library Research Round Table of the American Library Association and Ingenta are pleased to announce the creation of the Ingenta Research Award.  The grant has been created to support research projects about acquiring, using, and preserving digital information.


The award is for up to $6,000 to support research and up to $1,000 for travel to a national or international conference where findings will be presented.  The Library Research Round Table will issue a call for proposals in early February 2005, and proposals will be due on April 4, 2005.  Applications are welcome from practising librarians, faculty and students at schools of library and information science, and independent scholars. The first Ingenta Research Award will be presented at the American Library Association's Annual Conference in Chicago in June 2005.


Stephen Wiberley, Chair of LRRT, remarked "In a time of rapid change, librarians have an increasing need to understand all aspects of digital information, including how it is used and how it is best presented and preserved.  The Library Research Round Table is pleased to work with Ingenta to provide support for research that will increase our knowledge of digital information."


Speaking of the award, Douglas Wright, Vice President for Library Services at Ingenta, said: "Ingenta's long involvement with our library customers, as well as past research from the Ingenta Institute, have highlighted to us the need for ongoing studies in areas such as usage patterns, researchers' preferences, preservation and archiving of digital content. As an intermediary, we help to bridge the gaps between publisher and library, and we recognized that we could assist all our customers by funding an independent study that would help each attain a clearer understanding of the other's interests."


For more information visit


The Library Research Round Table (LRRT) was founded in 1968 to contribute toward the extension and improvement of library research. LRRT organizes activities that support and recognize research and it provides public programs that inform and educate ALA members about the theoretical base of the field and about research methods and findings that improve library services and administration.


Ingenta is the global market leader in the management and distribution of published scientific, professional and academic research via the Internet, and develops and maintains specialist websites for publishers, self-publishing societies and libraries.


For publishers of scientific, professional and academic periodicals, journals and reference works, Ingenta provides a suite of publisher services including data conversion, secure online hosting, access control and distribution services.  For libraries and information professionals, Ingenta offers collection management and comprehensive document delivery options.  Ingenta's collection of research content - 17 million articles from more than 6,100 online publications and 28,500 fax and Ariel delivered publications - is accessed by millions of researchers and librarians a month via and other websites.




Stephen E. Wiberley, Jr.

UIC Library   Box 8198

Chicago, IL 60680-8198


ph:  312-996-2730

fx:  312-413-0424






ISBD(CM) on IFLANET for World Wide Review


John D Byrum []  Tue 11/01/2005 4:16 AM          

ISBD(CM) on IFLANET for World Wide Review (Amendedannouncement)


In order to access the draft you need to start by going to There you will find the partial URL cited below and can click on it.


>>> John D Byrum 1/10/2005 2:19:18 PM >>>

Invitation to:

World-Wide Review of International Standard Bibliographic Description for Cartographic Materials (ISBD(CM)) 2004 revision

Comments due by March 31, 2005


In the early 1990s, IFLA's Division of Bibliographic Control set up a Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR). Following adoption of the Study Group's recommendations, the ISBD Review Group was charged to initiate a full-scale review of the ISBDs. The objective of this project was to ensure conformity between the provisions of the ISBDs and FRBR's data requirements for the "basic level national bibliographic record" (BLNBR).


In the ISBDs, national bibliographic agencies are called upon to prepare the definitive description containing all the mandatory elements set out in the relevant ISBD insofar as the information is applicable to the publication being described. To facilitate implementation of this principle, the ISBDs designate as "mandatory" those data elements that are always to be included in records prepared by national bibliographic agencies, as "conditional" those that must be included under certain circumstances but that need not be included otherwise, and as "optional" those that may be included if desired but that are not required. Therefore, the main task in pursuing this revision project has entailed a close examination of the ISBD data elements that are mandatory to make optional or conditional those that are also optional in FRBR. (In no case is a data element mandatory in FRBR but optional in the ISBDs.)


The updated version of the ISBD(CM), ready for your review and comments, is now available at: ISBD(CM)_21Dec04.rtf


In addition to the changes resulting from the work outlined above, this version of ISBD(CM), introduces some changes in terminology. Among them is the use of the term "resource" rather than "item" or "publication". ("Resource" is given a specific definition in 0.2). Other changes in wording were made to simplify the text and make it more consistent with other ISBDs. Similarly, in some cases, the order of choice of title proper is changed to be based on typography, then on sequence, to match treatment in other ISBDs.


The use of multiple GMDs is under investigation by a Study Group constituted by the ISBD Review Group; as the Study Group reaches decisions on issues to be resolved, changes may later need to be made to ISBD(CM).


"Scale" (or its equivalent in another language) is used as a constant in all cases, and "digital graphic representation" has been added for electronic cartographic materials.


The Review Group would also very much appreciate contributions of examples to illustrate the particular provisions in ISBD(CM). Composite examples for consideration for inclusion in Appendix C would also be most welcome as would be comments on the examples that are provided in this version for review. We prefer examples in which fewer abbreviations are present.


The text itself is presented as a draft for world-wide review. Comments on this draft revision of ISBD(CM) are now being sought. Please submit your comments to Dorothy McGarry at the address below by March 31, 2005.



John D. Byrum, Jr.

Chair, ISBD Review Group




Reply to:

Dorothy McGarry

P. O. Box 931119

Los Angeles, CA 90093-1119


Tel: +1-310-8250794

Fax: +1-310-2069872








Open Lib/Info Sci Education Forum [JESSE@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU]; on behalf of; Lorna Peterson [lpeterso@BUFFALO.EDU]               Thu 21/10/2004 4:01 AM       


Sad news from the University at Albany:


William (Bill) Katz



WILLIAM (Bill) A. KATZ, formerly a professor at the School of Information Science and Policy, State University of New York at Albany, and internationally known as one of the leading specialists in reference work, died recently.


In addition to the two-volume Introduction to Reference Work, he was the author of Magazines for Libraries and Reference and On-line Services: A Handbook. He compiled a second edition of The Columbia Granger's Guide to Poetry Anthologies, and edited a series on the history of the book for Scarecrow Press including his A History of Book Illustration and Dahl's History of the Book.


Past editor of RQ, the journal of the Reference and Adult Services Division of the American Library Association, Bill Katz was also Editor of The Acquisitions Librarian (The Haworth Press, Inc.) and Editor of The Reference Librarian, a quarterly devoted to issues in modern reference and information services.


He was a librarian at the King County (Washington) Library for four years and worked in the editorial department of the American Library Association. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.


He will be much missed by his many students, colleagues and friends. Donations to the School of Information Science and Policy may be made in Professor Katz's memory. Please call (518) 437-4969 or 800-577-7869, or visit